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  • I was wondering on your htcgloss theme if you could somehow make that compatible with the samsung omnia dimensions the pcm contacts theme is short any way to fix this?
    in some of the screenshots you post, the start button is all "Vista like". How can I modify my Windows Mobile 5.0 to do that? Also if you know how to change the "Wait" spinner it would be great if you enlightened me on that subject too. Email me at [email protected]
    Voice Dialer, Voice Tags, etc ??
    Can someone help out with this issue ?

    I have a Htc Touch & I've got 3.0 installed and I can't seem to find a voice command, voice dialer, voice tag or whatever it is called to enable my Bluetooth device to initiate a call.

    Can someone please assist me if this does in fact exist in 3.0 ?

    Currently risking getting a ticket here in Quebec by handling the phone while driving

    Much appreciated !!
    Hi htctoucher, I love the look of 2 of your skins (Manila and iPhone), but can't seem to get them to work. I have an HTC Touch HD. I have downloaded and installed ''. Then I downloaded 'htctoucher iphone' and copied it to the HD into the directory where PCMKeyboard is installed. When I go to options to enable your layout/skin, I can see it in the list and can select it, but when I run the keyboard it looks nothing like the graphics on your pages. In fact it just looks like plain squares for the keys with arial letters. Any suggestions?
    sorry. i dont mean to bug ya. I just think you toucher theme has the best potential of all pcm themes out there. i love the top and bottom bars and im dying to mod it to make it look like it comes stock on wm6. do you think it could be because it was dever designed for pcm 23 or 24?
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