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    Post Call recording

    Small tip... My CSC didn't have option to switch off shutter sound from camera settings and I found this really annoying. You can add option for this in camera settings with the same method as with callrecording. Add line...
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    Post Call recording

    Do this on your own risk. You should make a backup from the original cscfeature file 1. Locate cscfeature.xml file and copy it to pc (for me it was in /optics/configs/carriers/single/NEE/conf/) where NEE is my CSC. 2. On PC decode the cscfeature.xml (I used OmcTextDecoder from GitHub, made by...
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    Post Call recording

    If you are rooted, you can enable native call recording by modifying the CSCfeature file. I managed to do this on my Snapdragon EU variant running on Android 11. Automatic call recording is also there. I can guide you with the process if you want
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    I'm on the latest BUA5 and for me it didn't fix the issue. Maybe it did make it a little bit better, but it is not completely gone. For me the touch issue is so small, I don't mind. I can only encounter the problem in the test app. My guess is that many who think it is fixed, didn't swipe...
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    Post Energy Ring for S20 FE

    I had energy ring working on g781b. App that I used was on playstore called aodnotify developed by Jawomo It's originally for S20 but it's also working on FE
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon)

    Silly question but can I still install OTA updates if I unlock bootloader/flash custom recovery or root the phone? And will stock recovery flash every time I install OTA update? Thanks in advance
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    Post Proximity Sensor Issue

    I did some research on s20fe proximity sensor, because I desperately wanted flip case to open and close the screen. Here is what I have noticed: there are two "proximity sensors" both sides of the front camera. These sensors close the screen during call if you touch them (I'm not sure if it's...
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    Post S20 FE Cases and Covers

    Is anyone using flip covers? I bought Dux Ducis for my s20 fe. Cover is really nice except that the screen doesn't react to the flip. If i close the flip, screen stays on, and when i open the flip, screen stays off. Is there a problem with the phone, or is just that the only flip cover with this...
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    Post Touch screen issue test / reproduction (video)

    I didn't notice the problem before doing the test. G781B, manufactured 18/9. Device is up to date.
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    Post Discrepancy in RAM listed

    Not 100% sure but after doing some research I have found out that in Europe model number : SM-G781BZBHEUB is for snapdragon with 8/256gb. SM-G781BZRDEUB is for Snapdragon 6/128 and SM-G780FZGDEUB is for Exynos 6/128. Where the letter after Z stands for the color. Like SM-G781BZBHEUB is blue...
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    Post [ROM]-[TEN]-[21.06.20]-ZenX-OS-[Official]

    When calling with speaker mode on, if the speaker volume is above low level, the person at the other end is hearing distorted sound when he is speaking. Like the sound is circulating. I'm on zenx 1.8 with clean flash. Is the problem in my hardware or is it a rom problem?
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    Post [ROM]-[TEN]-[21.06.20]-ZenX-OS-[Official]

    Yes, I notice it too, both the camera and charging.
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    Post [ROM]-[TEN]-[21.06.20]-ZenX-OS-[Official]

    Thanks for your advice, but tried Orangefox and other versions of TWRP but for no luck, always the same result. I think it's a problem with the ROM. I guess I just have to wait and hope the problem will be solved in upcoming updates:)
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    Post [ROM]-[TEN]-[21.06.20]-ZenX-OS-[Official]

    I have tried this method right after booting first time also with and without the magisk root. It gets stuck every time after few minutes and for that I have to make clean flash all over again. Am l doing something wrong or is it a problem with the ROM?
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    Post [ROM]-[TEN]-[21.06.20]-ZenX-OS-[Official]

    I updated to newest(0828) couple of days ago and the rom is running smoothly and is great, as havoc always is:). So far I have found only 2 major bugs or problems. 1. Phone can't charge with 9 volts, voltage only gets as high as 4.5v with 3 amperes. I upgradet to 0828 havoc from 0522 version...