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    Post [ROOT] *UPDATED* RegawMOD Hero Rooter v3.0 | Updated - 04/03/12

    No Joy I have been attempting to root my Sprint Hero and seems to lock up at the installing exploit portion. I have let it set for about 15 mins and then have to do a force close. I have .Net 4.0 installed, the stock .5 rom is installed, running windows 7 32bit. HTC Sync v3.0.5606 Attached...
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    Post [ROM][2.3.5] Zero Hero Sense 3.5 RC 2.5 [Mar. 2, 2012]

    Delayed ring I got the ROM working great after a full wipe and let it warm up. Looks great. I am having a ring delay problem though. If I call the phone it will ring at least 3-4 times before the phone wakes up and rings once. Then the call goes to voicemail before the call can be answered...
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    Post [ROM][Sense 2.3.3] WildHeroc RC4 [10-20-11]

    Google Voice works about 80% of the time. There are times when have to go in and manually hit refresh and then all the messages will come in nomally. I only do it when I notice my phone being abnormally quiet. Once I manually refresh, it seems to keep up for quite a while.
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    Between and, they pretty much sap up all my disposable income!
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    Post 6x Zoom Telescopic Lens for Hero($10.88)

    Did that lense ever work?
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    Post ssssssssssssssssss

    Easy there Hogwarts.. :p What is this anyway?
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    Post Can I answer calls from the 3.5mm jack??

    I have the Zagg buds and they work great with the hero. I can press the answer button the button on the volume adjuster that are on the buds and it works like a champ. Great headphones!
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    Post Replacement Parts for HTC Hero

    I cracked my camera lense cover on the battery cover (long story). Any one know where to find a replacement? or do I just buy the entire back cover?
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    Post Upgrade Hero to 3500 mAh for less than $25

    What is the aH of the stock battery?
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    Post Missing Sms!

    Full Wipe I used the Caulkin's wipe all and it seemed then reflashed to wildheroc and that correct my missing sms. FWIW
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    Post [APP] Sprint Visual Voicemail For Cyanogen

    Error V30 Well I was able to install it and I can call from a different phone and leave a message, I get the voicemail notification, and when I go into the SVVM app I get a notice that says: "You have new voicemail that cannot be downloaded. Call for new voicemail." If I call they are...
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    Post [Q] HTC Sync on Cyanogen 7.0.2

    All I am trying to do is sync my contacts and calendar from outlook to my phone. I can do this via gmail but there seems to be a lot of hoops to go through and it seems to have problems importing reoccurring events on the calendar. So what you are saying is Sync will not work in this mod?
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    Thread [Q] HTC Sync on Cyanogen 7.0.2

    Is the HTC Sync application supposed to work in Cyanogen 7.0.2? When I connect the phone via USB cable, it wont launch the HTC software on either the phone or the computer. I can see that is in installed in settings/apps but I can't find it in the program group. I just upgraded to this ROM...