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    Thread Best Sound Settings for Pubg?

    I am using Logitech G432 Headset. I am looking for some EQ settings for pubg. Please share if you are using some good settings. Thanks
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    Thread Looking For Good Gaming Headset?

    I am looking for a good gaming headset to play pubg on my ROG2. I am confused which one to buy. My budget is around 100-120$ Max. I googled some headsets some have DTS X support which our phone also support it will make difference?
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    Thread Cannot send Whatsapp Voice Notes

    I use both whatsapp and Whatsappp Business but i cannot send voice notes. If i record voice not when sending it shows 2 seconds only. Please help
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    Post Magisk boot.img Rog Phone II update WW-17.0240.2007.27 Android 10

    Today only i updated to A10. Can some tell me how to root and install magisk? I will really appreciate your support.
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    Thread How to manual update to A10 & It will wipe my Data?

    I just downloaded A10 firmware from Asus Website. I want to update but there was not any instruction on how to do that Please help me how to update. Also i want to know if update will wipe my internal data & Apps?
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    Thread DTSX Setting for Pubg?

    I want to know whats the best DTSX Settings for pubg?
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    Post New Update released for Vivo V11 Pro

    When you receive this update? I didnt see any update.
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    Thread Vivo V11 Pro Pie Update?

    Anyone have any idea when we will get pie update? Vivo announced that we will get pie update on second week of march now its third week of April. Today we get some minor update of 94MB. i have read somewhere that we will get update on around june. If you guys know anything so share here.
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][J700F/H/M]Refined Note8 Port V4 [DISCONTINUED]

    Is thr any ad blocker installed in this ROM? When i am trying to open apps like Amazon prime videos or Zee5 it not working.
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    Post [ROM][SM-J710F/G/M]Refined Note8 Port V5 [FINAL]

    Same here. Need fix for this Please
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    Post [ROM][SM-J710F/G/M]Refined Note8 Port V5 [FINAL]

    Please give fix for Keyboard FC when selecting Emojis.