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    Post [KERNEL]faizauthar12's kernel[A11][BUB5]

    Please add kcal color control the next version
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    Post [ROM][OneUI 2.5][TWRP] NcX 2.5 for A71 [SM-A715F]

    No kernel for A71? Do you have an idea or intention to build and develop a kernel for A71?
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    Post April 5, 2021] Pixel Tweaks for Pixel 5 with Color Picker

    Substratum lite working on android 11?
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    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    Please add live display 2.0 in next update We have been waiting for this to happen for more than three months:p
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    Thread Android 11 Stable 12.1.2-China!!!

    Xiaomi has released new MIUI 12 updates based on Android 11 for China Stable beta ROM at day zero of the new Android version release.:p:D Download Link:
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    Post [ROM] [Download] MIUI Global Indian Stable for Redmi K20 Pro QFKINXM

    OrangeFox recovery for mi 9t pro/k20 pro: rom:
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    Post Improving battery life on MIUI 12

    thank you bro working perfectly!! Now 2 days 4 hours are used without connecting to the charger and 4:20h SOT and 71% remaining!:p:D
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    Post Improving battery life on MIUI 12

    This should be explained to Xiaomi ignorant engineers dev:mad: This problem has been raised hundreds of times and hundreds of beta versions have been released so far but there is still a problem !!:(:mad:
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    Post Screen on time

    1-unlock bootloader 2-flash twrp 3-flash 11.0.6 rom :good: