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    Post htc glacier is getting cooold

    try these
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    didnt work for me.
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    Post [Kernel] (ver 041) Mako KK 4.4 (UV/OTG/CPU/GPU OC/Hybrid Linux 3.4+) [08-02-14]

    Sorry bro, I correct that. II im genius I could built it years ago.
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    yup I do that but not working. Later this week I do that again. thanks
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    1- Running 1.0.7. trackball not working for me. (screenshot below) 2- Write access denied at sys/android_touch. 3- I have in previous its working well for me. Would you like to add sweep2wake feature. (screenshot below)
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    So, I take a try to install these. trackball to awake only work when phone have been charge, otherwise not work
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    Thanks for keep it up. Is that busybox, Xposed, gravitybox supported I have made little modification with these apps.
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    Just install it. wifi and mobile signal very very low. Signal strength 2147483647 dBm 255 asu. It must be -60 dBm here where im sitting.
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    Post [ROM][JB][02/28/2019] aospSX 1.0.9

    Thanks for update. yours gapps links are dead. I downloaded from other site
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    Post [ROM][15-03] Sabsa Prime v15.0 | 4.0.4 | Full Sense 4.1 | Fully Working | Brilliant

    Link Require Kindly give me download link of v15 and above.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LegacyCarbon 4.4 \\ 18.11.2013 \\ Built From Source

    Look faster.... Should be work... More then this...thanks for ur work and struggle.