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    Post Kb2005 with BA rom on T-Mobile network

    5G makes a huge difference at my house on T-Mobile.. I'm a couple of miles from the tower with tons of trees around. LTE around 7-10mbps on average. While 5G 50-100mbps. Huge difference.
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    Post screen protector thread starter.....

    I bought these Opened them up and noticed the plastic peice to help you apply was smaller than the phone I'm like okay... Pull out a screen protector. And it looks to be for a freaking iPhone...
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    Is the phone network unlocked yet?
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    I've had SA since the Aug update months ago. Which is when all the problems started
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    Thanks. Won't be so bad at the end of the week as the OP8 won't be the main device anymore. But non working calls at random times. And text message delays until I pick up the phone, or texts not sending etc etc have made this phone useless on T-Mobile. What's interesting doesn't have with a...
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    I don't care about custom roms. Just stock firmware no root etc. Seems like the 7t doesn't require a bootloader unlock for stock firmwares. Sent from my IN2017 using Tapatalk
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    Thanks! Can it be flashed without unlocking the bootloader? since apparently I have to wait up to 7 days for that. I thought SA just worked with Android 11? Does forcing NR only work? Only reason I like SA is it seems easier to force lowband 5G when needed for hotspot for those times internet...
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    For Android 11 do we still have to flash the T-Mobile modem or does it just work? Also do we have to have an unlocked bootloader to just switch to global? I dont root. Thanks.
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    Thread Magisk Tethering Mods?

    Any good Magisk mods for tethering? New to the recents of rooting and root mods etc. I've been out of the loop since 2014. Mostly to enable tethering and or hide tethering like through a VPN instead of having to deal with something like proxies with PDAnet. Thanks
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    Post 10.55.22.in55cb

    I would as well. But Global Firmware is missing 5G SA I'm pretty sure unless something has changed recently. Its nice to have as its easy to force 5G only in areas where it may be fringe. Which for me results in either 2mbps LTE or 60mbps 5G...
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    Post Unlock SIM card

    That makes ZERO sense. Thats not even physically possible. Someone in your household would've had to do that. Sent from my IN2017 using Tapatalk
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    Post [Discussion] T-MOBILE OP8 Update to 10.5.17/20. Signal Service loss..

    I wonder what changed under the hood modem wise? Just ran a speedtest over 5G and got a good 20mbps+ more than I usually do at my home. Generally I get around 40-50mbps average now I'm getting 60-80mbps
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    Post [Guide] LG G3 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ & TOT Method With LGUP

    What link? All the links in the OP are working perfectly EDIT: hmmm weird, thanks for bringing it up! It was indeed not working. It has been fixed :) Sent from my IN2017 using Tapatalk
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    Post [Discussion] T-MOBILE OP8 Update to 10.5.17/20. Signal Service loss..

    Not sure if it's been brought up here yet. But putting a Sprint sim in the tmobile OP8 changes everything removes the tmobile bootscreen, changes data and signal icons etc and a few other things. Sent from my IN2017 using Tapatalk
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    No as you'd need to unlock the bootloader, and to do so you have to be unlocked.