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    Post HELP!! Messed up the root after updating to Android 10.

    I had similar issues and decided to fastboot oem lock my bootloader after upgrading to Android 10. This reset everything to stock on Android 10 and avoids the issue with Netflix for now. I may re-root at some point but the downsides of being rooted are a bit more glaring now with Android 10...
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    Post I'm new to this and twrp keeps disappearing

    - Flash OTA Update If you are on slot A and flash a ROM / update, it goes to slot B - Flash TWRP Installer zip Keeps TWRP on both slots, patches boot.img - Reboot to TWRP, not system - Flash OTA Update again This installs ROM to the other slot, now both slots are updated - Flash TWRP...
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protectors

    Purchased Whitestone Dome after I got about 8 scratches on the front of the screen (no protector). It seems the default screen is quite prone to scratching even just being in your pocket. Thankfully the Dome protector fills those scratches in and things look as good as when I bought the phone...
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    Thread MIUI charge animation?

    Hey all - I'm curious if it's possible to add the charging animation for MIUI as some kind of overlay using Substratum or if there is an app / Magisk module that already does this. I have been a fan of this animation but have yet to find something that I can use on my OP7 Pro. Example...
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    Post Which custom ROM/Magisk module/kernal is best for extension of the battery life

    NoLimits + Renovate Ice + Arter79 kernel has done me wonders. ~ 10%/hr drain on screen .3-.5%/hr drain standby.
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    Post .11 OTA Update Issue

    I ended up having to reformat to deal with the encryption issue. After reformatting I was able to boot to slot b and am at .11 now! I'm really hoping this ordeal fixed whatever the problem was so that future OTA's aren't this much of a headache. I'll keep the tips in mind. I'm just glad to have...
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    Post .11 OTA Update Issue

    This didn't work. I was able to at least see my storage now and installed OTA via TWRP > TWRP installer > Magisk to update Slot B now I'm having the same issue in both slots.
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    Post .11 OTA Update Issue

    I'm assuming you mean flash TWRP installer via Magisk once rebooted? I just want to make certain before trying again.
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    Thread .11 OTA Update Issue

    Alright, I have tried just about everything and keep running into the same roadblock so I am going to post here and see if someone has an idea of what is going on and how to work around it. I will outline each method used below as detailed as I can. I'm currently on 9.5.9 and looking to upgrade...
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    Post Where's AoD ( Always on Display ) ?

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The weird part is them selling their OP7 Pro for not having a feature that they knew wasn't on it when they bought it. Not sure why you'd purchase a phone that didn't have a feature you clearly would sell a phone for not having.
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    Post Is it possible to overclock the 90hz? (maybe 120)

    Correct. Most cinematography is shot in 24fps (Netflix etc). Most YouTube content is rendered in 30fps or 60fps. Thus, 60/90/120hz refresh rates are used on most displays. After that 144hz is used because it's 24*3 and then 240 (240hz is not as common since there aren't many games that can...
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    Post Where's AoD ( Always on Display ) ?

    What a weird thing to get upset over.
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    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    Flash it like any other kernel in TWRP. You will want to back up the stock kernel first with something like FK or EXKM.
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    Do a fastboot flash boot boot.img, twrp.img and then flash the kernel again + magisk.
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    I'm not having issues flashing this kernel, I'm having issues flashing other kernels after flashing this one. I'm going to try flashing my boot.img and trying again tonight when I get home and see if that allows me to switch.