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  1. Ian_murphy

    Post My first app is live - what do you think?

    Congratulations. You made the right choice when decided to create tool. Wish you high ratings and many downloads! I downloaded it on my phone.
  2. Ian_murphy

    Post Failed Network Error/Please Help!

    Follow the guide. There are can be fails with: network, computer or something else...
  3. Ian_murphy

    Post Cheap Android phone with good camera & display

    Man, it's better to find guides on the Internet. As example, I find the interesting reviews of the phones there: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/test-centre/mobile-phone/best-mid-range-phone-3627209/ or this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kdhwhMXkTA
  4. Ian_murphy

    Post Share you paid advertising experience

    My experience: 1) Social Networks advertising. I promoted it personally, it was tooooo long and without big results. 2) Youtube videos. Not bad, but you have to attract users to watch your videos and invite their friends to install your app. 3) Buying the marketing services in agencies. I have...
  5. Ian_murphy

    Post Top Trends that Will Direct Mobile App Development in 2019 and Beyond

    Yes, I agree with you. Everything you described will influence on mobile app development in 2019. In mobile marketing, i think, the tendency will change too. The importance of mobile app store oprimization will rise, I think. It's the same as with SEO for sites.
  6. Ian_murphy

    Post advise me ASO with good keyword autosugestion

    Do you think it will be successful to generate the keywords with site-service? I advice you to ask for the help the marketing services for successful ASO. ASO requires high quality, because it's the same as SEO for the sites. Crappy SEO will ruin your site. So, you can buy ASO in the service...
  7. Ian_murphy

    Post [Q] App promotion in Arabic market

    It's toooooo late reply, but perhaps it can be useful for somebody:) My experience with the app services. In my opinion, App Reviews is one of the best. They have different packages based on the bonuses... I bought their services severeal times and it was: organic installs, in-time sevice...
  8. Ian_murphy

    Post [Q] Mobile app marketing tools: what is better?

    In my experience with mobile marketing tools I think ASO is the key factor for your sucessful marketing. App store optimization help people to find your mobile easier and faster. It increases your chances to rise app popularity, the principle the same as SEO. Optimization determines what...
  9. Ian_murphy

    Post 5 Best Ways To Get People to Download your App

    Your mobile app position based on the ratings, reviews, downloads and ASO. All of it are neccessary for a high position of your mobile app. Good ASO based on your logo, keywords, video and description. The same service as in Mopeak I meet in App Reviews, but the services are cheaper. You also...
  10. Ian_murphy

    Post Dear Android Makers, iPhone 5s is Getting iOS 12!

    Yes, but it works with lags... Does it cost the money you pay for it? I don't think so. You can't use mobile phone for 5 years... Fortunately, you invest in mobile phone more money than you paid for it...
  11. Ian_murphy

    Post Top 7 mobile app development trends of 2018

    You described the process without many words. Fully agree with you! ASO is an important part of any mobile app. It helps people to find your mobile application easier. Also, right ASO can attract more customers and make your mobile app more popular. The same picture with web-pages and sites, as...
  12. Ian_murphy

    Post When did you hear the name ANDROID for the first time !

    The first time I heard word Android was at school, the first Android device I biught, when I was a student.
  13. Ian_murphy

    Post Personal Development

    You are right, but not at all... This rule doesn't work in my country...
  14. Ian_murphy

    Post Computer Technician - Your Worse User Stories

    Ohh, I didn't have such stupid situations like you had)
  15. Ian_murphy

    Post Best browser?

    Of course, It's Google Chromem or SRWare Iron