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    Post My Phone is Dead... Soft Brick?

    Well, they did what they had to do :D
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    Post My Phone is Dead... Soft Brick?

    I tried the Force Upgrade but no response at all... just a black screen. Any other solutions?
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    Post My Phone is Dead... Soft Brick?

    I'm not sure what is "dload method", I would appreciate if u can explain it to me. About the service center, actually it is my last option. Thanks
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    Post My Phone is Dead... Soft Brick?

    Unfortunately not, the only thing that I can boot is fastboot/rescue mode. I tried to boot the recovery through my computer "fastboot reboot recovery", but it won't it just keeps booting the black screen with red flashing light.
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    Thread My Phone is Dead... Soft Brick?

    Hey everyone, Today I woke up and found my phone in a black screen and no response at all, tried force restart and everything but nothing worked with me. The situation is that the only thing that I can see is a flashing red light when I charge it, and every time I try to turn it on by holding...
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    Thread Hard reset

    Hey guys Today i was searching on how to hard reset my nvidia shield and i couldn't find anything useful. can anyone help me please Thank you
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    Thread s2 won't boot anymore :(

    Hey guys Today i was trying to downgrade my s2 from 4.1.2 to 2.3.6 by Odin 1.85 program. In the middle of the process i plugged off the phone accidentally. So after that i turned off the phone and tried to power it on back but the phone did't boot anything even the os or the recovery or...
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    Post [Q] Microphone and Speaker don't work anymore.

    you can check your local service
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    Post i need help please

    thnx thanks for all of you guys you helped me a lot now its working:o
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    Post i need help please

    I tried to PWR+VOL and didn't work but if i wanna to flash ftf, should i unlock bootloader or s-off ? and how can i flash ftf? thank u
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    Post i need help please

    i installed beats installer app then when i open the app i got 3 options and one of them is install i hit install and the app pop up a message it says "moving to sd " and suddenly the phone restarted itself now i cant use my phone because when the phone finish booting it makes a restart...
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    Thread i need help please

    hey guys my phone is sony Xperia Z yesterday i downloaded beats installer so when i hit install on beats installer it pop up a message it says moving to sd and suddenly my phone restart itself and when the phone start to boot android he makes a restart before i can use my phone so i...
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    Post Rooting C6602

    THNX THANK YOU MAN It worked with me ;)
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    Thread Rooting C6602

    HI guys whats up? Today I was trying to Root my Xperia Z Model number:C6602 Build number:10.1.1.A.1.253. And i didn't find a way to root my phone so, If anyone can help me please:D by the way how can i know my bootloader if it's locked or unlocked?