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    Post [APP] Google Dialer [v5-Pixel][MM+][w/o root]

    No go for me on lg g6. Force closes. Plus visual voicemail is also missing.
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    Thread Google Elements Watch Faces Download

    Thanks to John Burke he provided me with the apks of the Google elements watch faces that were included in the dev previews and some wear 2.0 watches. But LG and tag didn't have this watch face. Here they are. You need to side load via adb. Only way. Google the ways. It's very easy.
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    Post Coupons for FREE "Darth Star" watch face at the Galaxy Gear store!

    There is no voucher option i see in my app store? ---------- Post added at 04:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:10 PM ---------- Also this watch face isn't found in app store.
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    Thread Weather always showing 51° or 47°

    The weather on the gear s3 frontier tmoible keeps showing 51° or 47°. No matter what I do. Location is on. What is wrong?
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    Thread Asus Battery Pack

    We're is the battery pack that Asus showed off. No accessories are available anywhere.
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    Post How to remove LauncherConfig in System/App

    What debloater app?
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    Thread How to remove LauncherConfig in System/App

    How to remove LauncherConfig in System/App I need to remove the Launcher Config file located in System/app. That folder is making the moto z defalt to a 4x4 and 4 icon dock. Using google now launcher and pixel launcher the only way to get 5x5 and 5 dock icons is to remove that file. The Force...
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    Post New Pixel Launcher v7.1.1

    How come it only has 4 icons in dock and not 5. Grid size is also 4x5
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    Post [APP][7.0+][ARM64/ARM32/x86/x86_64] Live Earth Wallpapers from the Pixel (UPD 3/3/17)

    Doesnt install on Moto z force. Says problem phasing file. Something like that.
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    Thread Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch Android Wear Unboxing

    Here is my unboxing of the Marshal Q.
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    Thread Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch Android Wear Unboxing

    Here is my unboxing of the Marshal Q.
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    Post Nexus Launcher (Unreleased)

    To you have secure folder set up? If so disable it. Or its knox
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    Post Android Wear 2.0 Dev Preview.

    Any one have a better step by step then Google has?
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    Post Gear S2 Official Ceramic Band

    Anyone know if this strap will fit the 4g version of the classic. I see on amazon a lot of bands dont fit the 4g version.
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    Thread Sounds on Gear S2 Classic 4G

    Were can I get the notification tone that goes off when you get a notification on the gear s2 classic 4g model? It makes a ding dong sound. I want that sound for use on my Huawei Watch.