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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I'm sorry to report that Magisk v22.0 (22000 build) isn't able to correctly patch vbmeta img leading to a boot loop into download mode SM-A307FN ITV_A307FNXXU2BTG1 people online were able for sure to correctly root this model with previous releases of magisk
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    Thread GCam on Android 10

    hi all, i tested many releases and unfortunately none of them is fully working. anyway you could use this version https:// f. celsoazevedo. com/file/cfiles/gcm1/GCam_7.2.010_Urnyx05-v2.2.apk with this xml https:// www. celsoazevedo. com/files/android/p/f/2020/01/moto_x4_arnova72.xml just...
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    could someone help me with post #276? thank you
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    just 2 posts before yours ;) ---------- Post added at 01:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:31 AM ---------- could someone help me with post #276?
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    Thread [A5 2017] [SM-A520F] Rooted with Jan. security patch - FW: A520FXXU4BRA8

    1st of all a BIG thank you to Chainfire I want to report a successful root with the following FW Version Android 7.0 Build date Fri, 05 Jan 2018 04:29:55 +0000 Security Patch Level 2018-01-01 Product code ITV PDA A520FXXU4BRA8 CSC A520FOXA3BQL2 Screenshots here http :// i68. tinypic. com...
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    first of all a BIG thank you to Chainfire and all the staff most probably I'm missing something but I tested today with a sm-a320fl and this is my report. 1) original fw: A320FLXXU1BQH7 - downloaded = no problems with...
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    Post [Q] Application specific password for google account in Lollipop

    i just spent an hour trying to understand why this smart feature wasn't working on my new mobile with a stock andorid lollipop! at least i feel less lonely now... i sent a feedback to google even if i don't think they'll reply.. i opened a ticket on AOSP website (Issue 189310) if you want to...