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    Post Can we install Windows 10 on the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+?

    I've found a few solutions to this. Ibochs works but is basically unusable. TeamViewer allows you to wake up your home PC and control it. This works surprisingly well if you have a good connection. Microsoft also has an app called Azure that lets you use a virtual desktop for less than $.01/hr...
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    Thread Keeping vivid display settings in reading apps

    On my Tab S7+, if I use Moon+ Reader or any other reading app, the page turns yellow. If I have a YouTube popout video video playing, the page will stay white until I close the window. Does anybody know if there's a way to fix this or is there an app that stays on top of other windows but is...
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    Post Can we install Windows 10 on the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+?

    Is anybody able to use a windows emulator? I tried Linux on it but wondering if there's a better way to use Windows apps if I need to other than remoting into my PC
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    Post Android 11 Beta

    It drops down below the camera. Same as if you select hide camera from display options
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    Post Android 11 Beta

    Yeah. I thought it was a chrome issue because it only happened in chrome for beta 1 but it happened on Facebook yesterday. The keyboard pops up but nothing I press gets typed
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    Post Android 11 Beta

    I'm having the same problem I had in beta 1 where sometimes my keyboard doesn't work. I also lost mobile data last night for a few minutes even though the status bar said 5g. I haven't tried the screen recorder but that didn't work in beta 1. Edit: screen recorder now works
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    Post Open Beta 1 for OnePlus 8 Pro ROOT

    IN2025 http://www.mediafire.com/file/3gjdvmwh31zjlie/file
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    Post Android 11 Beta

    I need to go back to DP4 too. I'm getting weird display issues using screen record and apps keep freezing.
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    Post Does your 8 pro have issues

    Only problem I've had is the screen freezing on Android 10. I have to lock and unlock then it works again. On Android 11 the only problems I've had is the keyboard not coming up when I select a text box in Chrome and pages not rendering properly. I only had these problems in Chrome though.
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    Thread Immersive mode on Tesla Units

    Items needed: Android head unit Laptop WiFi Hotspot Instructions Install ADB tools on your laptop Enable developer mode on unit Go to Settings > System > About Phone. Tap Software info > Build Number. Tap Build Number seven times. Go to Settings>More Settings>System>Advanced>Developer...