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  • Hi ill...what is ur recommeded rom & radio for Topaz? I'm a newbie and just got myself a Topaz :p

    Me in Malaysia also...
    i'm still using stock rom R3A UK for X1i rite now...planning to flash to 6.5 soon, but for now, i'm still browsing all the threads to widen my choice n knowledge bout winmo....btw thnx 4 da advice..will see if its works or not..
    hi there, can u help me with a few things regarding sms sendings in quit new with this kind of OS..its about sending sms to many people u want..before this whenever i wanna send a sms to many,it will show like this, TO: name <fone number> ;
    but now after a whilw i notice that the ; sign is missing..showing just TO: name <foen number> is normal? or did I mess something with my settings or registry?
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