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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][STABLE][10] HavocOS 3.5

    Laurel sprout vs nicobar Instead of laurel sprout my MiA3 is nicobar gen pack (EU rom), can i flash this rom?
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    Post Cases.

    Try Lazada or Shoppee
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    Post Best Gcam mod for Mi A3 so far?

    I tried all that worked with the Mi A3 (upto v 7.3) but still preferred the stock cam. Yes, the UI for Pro sucks. Gcam files are larger than stock and stock cam colours are realistic compared to gcam.
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    Post Official v7.8 now available on Zune

    Anyone from Malaysia got the update without forcing? TQ
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    Post Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs (Build 7.10.8835.35)

    AndrewSh I respect & salute you! I've known you and your fantastic ROMs since those Windows Mobile days. Looking forward to your cooked 7.8 ROM then I'll move forward. For now I'll wait for the official 7.8 release. Thanks :victory:
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    Post Viber Beta out now ..but no voice calls !!!

    BUT unfortunately you cant talk to guys without Nokia device.
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    Post [Q] Any news on Android on Mozart ?

    Better buy an android device if you like it so much:D
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    Post Viber Beta out now ..but no voice calls !!!

    Seems like another crApple fiasco:D Do you agree?
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    Post Viber Beta out now ..but no voice calls !!!

    Even Blackberry doesnt have voice call yet:( New version just released with new name "Viber Messenger" So looks like no progress on voice:(
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    Post [Petition] Unlocked 7.8?

    Well, I would expect at least dev unlock:(
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    Thread [Petition] Unlocked 7.8?

    Soon Microsoft will release the Windows Phone 7.8. Since this will be the last WP 7.x ROM, I am appealing to Microsoft, please release this 7.8 in unlocked state. Why? We, the users of WP 7.x have been the 'de facto' beta testers for WP 8. It is only fair MS release 7.8 unlocked. This would be...
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    Post Android 4.0.3 (release1a) update

    Wife only??? hahahah....
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    Post [05Jul] ROM Topaz Gold 5.5 [OS 5.2.21916][Sense 2.5.20212114][COM2]

    susilost I've stop cooking and moved on. All my files and my cooked rom were distroyed in a typhoon! (not really. i have deleted them from my storage) Sorry!
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    Post [APP] Nokia Drive 3

    Nokia Maps Anyone with Nokia Maps to share? Thanks
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    Post Sony tablet s probably getting jelly bean

    After upgrade to ICS, my device memory is now only 8gb instead; even with not much apps installed. Any idea why?