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  • It is the process of recovering the memory addresses of ur ARM where u can directly connected to the respected hardware & re-program that h/w with ur given addresses.....but its so risky.....finaly ur addresse comes to 00....
    I won't do anything to the OS. It is simply a small app that launches before WM finishes loading and it can be easily uninstalled.

    It should not but as Android port has not been done on HD2 I have never tried. However, doing a backup is not harmful (or long) at all and it is always comfortful to have one in case of disaster.
    Dude Hi You Have New Gene and You Want to Unlock Spl Right
    Use Krazy's tutorial to Know How to Unlock its Very Simple.
    If You Really Want Me to Do So ill Help How to Do...
    Just Have a look at it. I Unlock My SPL Long Ago With That Great Tutorial.
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