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    Post [ROM][Android 11][OOS CAM][OP7Pro] crDroid v7.10 [17.09.2021]

    Just flashed this from OOS 11 and all I can say is wow! By and large the most stable and efficient rom on here
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    Post [ROM][11.0][Beta] DerpFest R for OnePlus 7 Pro [OFFICIAL][Guacamole][2021-08-06]

    This rom is solid as a rock! The only thing I've noticed is GCAM supports up to 60FPS, but only records at 46fps. I imagine though this will be solved from the OOS kernel sources though. Well done!
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    Post [APP][6.0+] SystemUI Tuner

    Immersive Mode not working on Android 11
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][OOSCAM][OnePlus 7 Pro][11.0_r20] Evolution X | Emerald

    Have that issue as well, also found it has trouble reading when using a dark/black amoled wallpaper.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][OOSCAM][OnePlus 7 Pro][11.0_r20] Evolution X | Emerald

    Set up works fine, getting an unusal issue where the framerate is locked at 30fps, anyone else having this issue? *Edit* Typical, I reboot to install magisk, and now it is working fine. Nevermind me!
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    Post [ROM][ANDROID 11][OP7Pro] [guacamole] XTENDED XR-vX.0 [ 11 Sep 2021 ]

    Nfc isn't working for me, but so far that's the only issue. Great job MSM!
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    Post [ROM][Android 11][OOS CAM][OP7Pro] crDroid v7.10 [17.09.2021]

    Can confirm, I have no issues with scrolling on my end
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    Post [ROM] Temasek's Unofficial CM-13.0.1 [06 August 2016]

    Anyone still have the Rom? The link is dead and was planning on using it for a personal project on my Pixel (not uploading or sharing anywhere.)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    Use gms doze and LKT modules on Magisk, that should improve your battery. Also using dark themes (I recommend swift installer) will make use of the amoled screen.
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    Post [ROM][05/20][11.0] Yet another AOSP project [OP7P][STABLE]

    I did the tile and it didn't work, so I long pressed it and it brought me to the setting page for it. It appeared to toggle on (although the tile was still appearing off.) when I went to use Android Pay, I got no response from the terminal.
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    Post [ROM][05/20][11.0] Yet another AOSP project [OP7P][STABLE]

    If you noticed it also said clean flash if you are coming from any other ROM