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    Post [GUIDE]Magisk, SuperSU and Xposed for MEmu 7.3.2 or LDPlayer 4.0.45

    patch ramdisk and kernel 1. extract kernel and ramdisk from disk1.vmdk (you can use 7zip) 2. use mkbootimg to make boot.img mkbootimg --ramdisk ramdisk --kernel kernel -o boot.img 3. copy boot.img to MemuDownload 4. open MEmu install magisk.apk, then patch boot.img 5. close MEmu copy pacthed.img...
  2. immns

    Post [GUIDE]Magisk, SuperSU and Xposed for MEmu 7.3.2 or LDPlayer 4.0.45

    i've successfully patch kernel and ramdisk inside MEMU disk1 vmdk (contains bootloader, system, and some unknown partition), I'm using MAGISKv23 and I can confirm MagiskHideProps also not working because MEMU bootloader always altering device fingerprint (it will be altered based on memu...
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    Post Help me with Realme 7 bootloop no fastboot or recovery available

    basically you can follow this tutorial the only difference is you have to use realme 7 firmware not C3. this is ofp file for rmx2151 you can extract it with ofp extractor. also I link this guide for RMX2155. its bootloader unlock guide for RMX2155, but you also follow that guide to revive...
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    Post Video resets itself to 30 fps?

    yes. same here (i mean no:ROFLMAO:)
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    I consider to unlock bootloader and root my phone (rmx2151). Will it still get update from realme? if not, could we just update to newer RealmeUI via custom recovery or we have to use custom flashable zip to update? I don't have any plan to use Custom ROM at the moment, just need some perks from...
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Custom Splash Screen for Redmi Note 10 Pro

    how to unpack/repack logo.img?
  7. immns

    Post Realme 7 5G

    let me guess. rooting would be the same across realme's MTK devices. the latest tutorial posted on xda is rooting guide for realme 6. but don't take my word for it :LOL:
  8. immns

    Post how to record calls on Realme 7?

    i pulled few apks, dont know which one's which https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=17248734326145727728
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    Post Problems solved with last A.75 update??

    no such issue since day one. but still I consider myself lucky because my friend aslo buying the same realme 7 and had to return his phone due to overheat issue
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    here. or you can extract from ofp file using this tool also, pay attention to this guide just in case some trouble happens [GUIDE] UNBRICK/DOWNGRADE YOUR REALME 6/6I(INDIA)/6S USING SPFLASH TOOL FOR FREE! | XDA Developers Forums (xda-developers.com)
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    i don't know where to find that. the one with scatter file inside should be the right one.
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    sp flash tool may help you 🤞
  13. immns

    Post there's screen filter at lowest brightness? (FIXED)

    anyone report this issue to realme? today i got new ota update but the bug still occur. i don't know how to report that, realme community feedback/reporting is complicated.
  14. immns

    Thread there's screen filter at lowest brightness? (FIXED)

    I discovered a weird behavior by lowering realme 7 brightness to the bottom and taking screenshot. there some sort of screen filter that make screen dimmer. what happened here? is it DC/pwm dimmer? which I never thought there's some sort of that in ips panel instead of oled. I'm not sure if it's...
  15. immns

    Post how to record calls on Realme 7?

    try changing your region option in settings??? i dunno some region has it's own limitations