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    Thread downgrading miui

    I am currently in MIUI QJCEUXM. I want to go to MIUI QJCEUXM. If I download recovery rom for MIUI, can I flash it through updater app & will it work? Will I face any kind of problem after downgrading?
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    Post Photo quality

    macro is very good(5MP) considering the price.main camera is also good as it is only lacks details though.....
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    Post Heavy use endurance

    straight 5hr backup as i played pubg mobile lite in balanced+extreme.brightness was at 33 percent & i used wifi...
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    Post Light use endurance

    I get around 16hr of screen on time from light use ( browsing, social media, youtube) at 33% brightness... Note: I don't use auto brightness + no battery saver enabled.Tough I use some battery optimization like restricting unnecessary background activity.
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    Post Charging speed

    I use default (10W) charger for charging & my device takes 2hr 10min for charging from 0 to 90 percent.Also takes around 3hr to complete ( 0 to 100)...
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    Post official vs unofficial custom recovery

    I was asking about custom recovery like twrp/orange fox etc....not about custom rom!!!
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    Thread official vs unofficial custom recovery

    what's the main difference between official and unofficial custom recovery?
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    Post Share your homescreens

    Does Redmi 9 support carrier aggregation? You seem to have LTE+.
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    Post [11][OFFICIAL][Gapps] TenX OS Trident [14.04.2021][lava][shiva][lancelot]

    My device codename is GALAHAD (Redmi_9).Can I flash this rom?
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    Thread Difference of CodeName

    I have a redmi 9 device from European Version.It has NFC & Code name is GALAHAD. Can I flash custom rom which is built for LANCELOT ? # Here I provided a screenshot from CUP-Z app regarding this.