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  • Hi. I installed the Sky Reflections 2.0 theme for m2d but touchflo will not start up unless I uninstall it. How can I get it to work?
    hey man I'm Emerson and I really like your work. I have the hd2 stock fully tweaked,but looking for a little more. That to say I want to have an android built working on this device. Maybe with your help and info it could be possible. Not to ask for alot but if you know of any tweaks or the best custom-built ROM for the tmo hd2,will be greatly appreciated. Thank-you in advance.
    after i flashed NBH file Rom for android my device is HTC Cruise i got small font and pic that means wrong NBH file problems are
    1-how to get into Bootloader screen tried (Camera + power + Soft reset ) and noway
    2-which better NBH file for my device to get good resolution
    hey! thank you for the themes.
    i tryed Nature, and love it, but i need to know how to set the default appearance.

    just wanted to ask..if you may can make an nba app of your live application? would be so nice...

    greetz from germany
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