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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Also, screen mirroring doesn't seem to work. After connecting, phone freezes for a good 2 seconds and restarts system ui.
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Bluetooth Volume Control Hello, I seemed to have issues with Bluetooth Volume control on the device itself. Minor adjustments from 30-40% causes it to go to soft to super loud. Only managed to properly adjust on the Bluetooth device itself.
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    Post [G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE 15.0 - CRL3 | NIGHTLY - CRJ5 | Android 8.0

    Anyone had issues in regards to camera rotating opposite direction when recording on apps like Snapchat?
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    Post [KERNEL][STABLE][TW][6.0.1][Aug 13][V1.3.1] Jesse Kernel for S7 Edge/Flat

    Simply to put, lower grade phones isn't able to run max OC even if you have the freedom to do so. You'll just end up in a bootloop state and that's when people start complaining that "Why is my phone bootlooping? I can't use this device anymore." The grading helps to keep track of which user is...
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    Interesting for a new kernel, already tried undervolting my S7E by 25mV for everything and using battery mode for most of the stuff, very stable indeed. ASV average value of 9 over here. Since S7E's default performance was already pretty good, so I didn't adjust the clock speed but played...
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    Thread LG G5 Unable to OTA As seen, it is shown in the screenshot an error. Can't update through LGUP nor the LG Flashtool. Anyone knows anything about this error? It does not work in OTA mode either. H860N SEA Edition.
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    Post [MOD] MultiROM v33

    I've managed to get UberStock (Main ROM) and N Preview 3 (Secondary) to work together. The only issue I have now is that Camera doesn't work on the N Preview 3. Is it because of the kernel's limitation as due to different versions, causing incompatibilities? Currently using Kylo Kernel, Main on...
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    Post [Developing] Android N Developer Preview / Images, OTA's & Flashables

    A neat trick if you prefer custom dpi, it's implemented into th Developer options under the settings "Smallest width". The default is 411.
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    Post [Developing] Android N Developer Preview / Images, OTA's & Flashables It's UP! Download link for the newest update is available now!
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    Post [Developing] Android N Developer Preview / Images, OTA's & Flashables

    Able to sideload it out the OTA for us?
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] XOSP 6.3 FINAL MM build for H815 (LG G4) CMTE [OTA][17 July 2016]

    Here's the link. Thanks to XperiaBlog for the dump.
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    Post Easy Read and Make TOT files ALL LG with Z3x

    This software doesn't work without the box itself to actually do the stuff, so yeah. With the software but without the hardware, it's quite redundant.