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  • pleas upload your EXT packages and give linx.
    thanks in advas
    can u send your email id of yahoo on my pm
    i cooked some roms with EVK for opal.but they all have the same problems--after I restart the phone,the home setting, comn manager, and volume button totally don't work.
    if you tell me the secrets how to fix that,i will appreciate very much.
    hi indresh,
    i, mehul patel from surat yar mere htc viva me teri wm 6.5.3 rom 28205 opal revolution rom nahi chalti hai. aapka phone no. dona phone par poochh looga
    Hmm. You have about 24 MB memory free in SLOT 0. I think its not too bad, at most we have 29 MB. I cant say anything further without looking at the whole kitchen.
    Hi Indresh,

    The problem with send key can be due to two things, 1, there is not enough virtual memory, you need to look at your slot 0 while cooking and recmod some files if needed. Second, you are missing webview package in SYS.
    On start menu, to show Text and Email seperately, you need to use a new initflashfiles.dat file. I think you are using the one from your 6.1 rom.Get it from Da_g's 6.5 thread. Compare both the file and add any entries to the new one that are specific to your phone leaving the messaging link.
    2. i am not sure why its happening.Most probably you have replaced some critical file with a "new version" from different phone.THis doesn't always works coz some files are hardware specific and dont work across devices.The problem you are talking about is just one. If the case is as i am telling, then you may face more random problems like hangs etc coz of this.Unfortunately,i cannot help you much with it.
    yaar teri rom daali thi 28205 pr voh bahut prob lem de rhi hai jaise ki volume buttons nt working etcc etc............ any solution
    heyy kia haal hai maine puchna tha ki jo rom htc touch (elf) ki hoti hai woh htc opal pe chall jayegi
    Bro i dont have 10 working solution i said that i have 10 solution but all of them have some problem plz read properly....
    Dude recmod forget it wont be get fixed by that its really hard to fix i mean i have got more than 10 solutions but all have some alternative problem still trying to fix it......
    there is some problem related to recmodding, your slot 0 is becoming full most probably. YOu will need to check both the SYS and ext packages of yours.
    sys contents seems to be try to switch on newr built or try after changing the pagepool of same ROM
    u have to provide me the list of included and excluded sys folders....without this list i cant do nething :(
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