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    Post Question Who going From OnePlus to Pixel 6?

    Who here is coming from not knowing when your phone is going to be updated to have updates on Launch day?
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    Post General Hey Google: Acknowledge & Fix The Fingerprint Scanner

    Hahaha I have yet to put on my screen protector. Hopefully Google will update it through software similar to what OnePlus had to do on my 6T. That alongside face unlock.
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    Post Question Anyone's Pixel 6 Seafoam not look like Seafoam?

    I asked a few people what color they were seeing just to make sure I wasn't color blind. Its definitely white and yellow. Not the Green/Blue that the promotional articles make it look.
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    Thread Question How would you describe the color of your Pixel 6

    I have Sorta Seafoam and I see a yellow bar at the top and white through the body. At first I thought it was green but after showing the phone off, most people are telling me the phone is white. Now I am seeing mostly white. I believe the images Google posted to its website are a little off...
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    Post Question No Face unlock?!

    I suspect Face Unlock will show up on the Pixel 6 in due time. Unfortunate that is not there in release.
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    Post Question Terrible finger print sensitivity with screen protector

    Add your fingerprint twice. Pretty sure I read that resolved issues elsewhere as with previous Android phones.
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    Post Question Unlocked Pixel 6

    Exactly. Similar to the initial Roll Out of 4G an d 5G. Its going to need time to grow.
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    Post Question Pixel 6 pre order thread.

    I tried to politely ask Best Buy to allow me to pick up my phone early and they denied me 😢. At least I get it this week. I wonder if they will have any in stock in store on the 28th.
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    Post Question Will you stick with the stock launcher?

    I've been thinking about that myself and I think ill switch to Nova. I've had the premium version forever now.
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 for OnePlus 6T

    Battery life for me seems better with this Beta Android 11 on this phone. I have yet to experience a issue with notifications from Gmail. Only issue I've experienced with light to medium use was the issue with auto-brightness which I think was fixed in the latest update.
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    Post Sleep timer

    Same here. Years later. Tried researching a IFTTT option but could not find one.
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Only on Pixel unfortunately. OnePlus should have 4 options but only 3.
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Any updates on Google releasing support for gestures on 3rd party launchers? Anyway to get the Pill Navigation Bar back?(no root) And this is just a suggestion. Update the Title of the thread to Oxygen OS 10/Android 10.0
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    Post Official OnePlus6T 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector UNBOXING

    Can you post a picture of the phone without the bubbles?