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Recent content by infinity81

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    Thread Question Global X60 launch

    Hello, does anyone have information when the global X60 will be launched in europe? Thx
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    Thread Question CN Rom "overwrite" with Global ROM

    Hello together, do you think ist will be possible to "overwrite" the CN Rom with the global Rom when its available for the X60? Thanks a lot.
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    Post Scrolling smoothness

    I noticed the choppy scroling in chrome, i tested the same website in Opera and it was smooth. Could it be a issue with chrome and the adaptive refresh rate of the display?
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    Post ANDROID 11 BUG & PROBLEMS [Original Firmware Xperia 5 ii]

    I just got a new X 5II yesterday. After i read about some problems with A11, i made a Geekbench 5 test between A10 and A11. The results are ... A10 - CPU - SC 898 / MC 2736 A11 - CPU - SC 719 / MC 1951 I reseted the phone and ran the benchmark again. A11 (reset) - CPU SC 700 / MC 1811 I...