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    Post Lumia 1020 stuck on 10.0.10586.107. Need update advice.

    If you want to upgrade to higher versions, just go to and download the "Phone Updater" there. With that you will be able to update any Windows Phone 8.1 up to 15063.297. You might get into some trouble because you already modified OEMinput.xml. But overall you...
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    Thread How to turn off fullscreen apps?

    Hello, I really like the Galaxy A6 Plus. The biggest problem for me though are those "fullscreen apps". For some reason Apps are "optimized" to use in fullscreen and there is no way to turn it off. At least not that I know of. The problem with that is of course some apps look blurry or don't...
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    Post Android App On Windows 10 Mobile

    Heya, it's not as easy as it used to be. The problem is, Microsoft deactivated the Insider App. Without enrolling in the insider programm first, you can't upgrade to preview builds, because those are flight / development signed.
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    Post HP Elite x3

    Sadly the link is offline. Is it possible you have the german version of the ROM too?
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    Post Looking for a way to Upgrade Cube WP10 Phablet to Redstone 2

    You should take a look at youtube where people reviewed it. The site is just wrong. The manufacturer also claims '64-Bit Windows 10'. It's not, just normal Windows 10 Mobile Version 1511. On the second picture it also says "Brand New Windows10 Mobile OS".
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    Post Looking for a way to Upgrade Cube WP10 Phablet to Redstone 2

    It runs Windows 10 Mobile. Not the 'full' Windows Desktop Version.
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    Post Miracast reciever?

    I'm pretty sure it would work fine with the Surface 2 and the Lumia 2520. Probably not with the other devices, because they don't support Miracast at all.
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    Post Android App On Windows 10 Mobile

    Yes there are a couple of easy ways to get Android Apps on Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 devices running. Note: This is NOT possible on Windows 10 Mobile devices. 1. For the Lumia 640, 640 XL and Lumia 930 there is a 10240 ROM. You can very easily flash that ROM to your device. With that version you...
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    Post Stop Updates

    Meh that also stopps the store from opening / using. So it doesn't make much sense to use it :(
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    Post Creating a third party Windows 10 store (Cancelled)

    What is the min Windows version for the App?
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    Post Stop Updates

    Thanks a lot. Do Store updates still work with wu disabled?
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    Post Stop Updates

    Can you explain how exactly to disable wuausrv service in windows 10 mobile?
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    Post Looking for a way to Upgrade Cube WP10 Phablet to Redstone 2

    What version works best on the Cube WP10? TH2, RS1 or RS2?
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    Post SIM unlock for Alcatel Idol 4s Windows

    Heya :) I had the same experience with today. They said it could take weeks or months. =/