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    Post [APP][6.0+] NetGuard - No-root firewall

    In Android 10 with filtering enabled, some apps (FDroid, NewPipe) consider the connection type as mobile data when connected via WiFi. React Native's `NetInfo` module reports the correct connection type, but returns `isConnectionExpensive = true`. If filtering is disabled, FDroid/NewPipe...
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    Post LineageOS for microG

    Please could you add "ido"? Thanks!
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    Post [EOL][KERNEL][ido][CAF][v3.10.107] Chtolly Kernel - r16 (23-09-2017)

    I've been experiencing the same, even with Lineage 201701419's build (although I have been dirty flashing builds since Feb; a clean flash might have fixed it, but due to twrp's decrypt bug, I didn't try). adb sideloading this kernel (over 20170419) did solve the issue.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 | ido

    Thanks. adb sideloading KudKernel worked for me!
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    Post [OFFICIAL] TWRP 3.1.0-0 Recovery for Redmi 3

    Yep, came here to confirm rivva's twrp v8.2 fails to decrypt also.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] TWRP 3.1.0-0 Recovery for Redmi 3

    krasCGQ / anik_kahn, any chance this can be updated to TWRP v3.1? Nougat's default encryption method isn't working on v3.0.2.
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    Post [ROM][Sep 4][CM13][DT2W][Stable]CyanogenMod13 For F320

    Does anyone's compass/orientation sensor work with this ROM? It doesn't on my device, which causes issues for map/routing apps. Have tried updating the latest release (Sep 4) and flashing KK modem.
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    Post LG G2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock)

    For those wondering about Mac OS X/Linux support, I was successfully able to revert to stock using a VM (VirtualBox) via: 1. Install VirtualBox _and_ VirtualBox Extension Pack 2. Create a XP SP3 VM 3. In Settings > Ports > USB, enable USB 2.0 4. Put phone in download mode 5. Add a USB filter...
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    Post [ROM][Sep 4][CM13][DT2W][Stable]CyanogenMod13 For F320

    Has anyone experienced any issues while roaming? I cannot send/receive SMS. Calls are fine. I get "error code 38" in Messenger. F320K_KK_bootloader_plus_LP_bootstack_v2.zip and cm-13.0-20160306-UNOFFICIAL-f320.zip.