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Recent content by isko95

  1. isko95

    Post How to fix my xperia t? 😰

    Anyone help please
  2. isko95

    Post Moving from stock lollipop

    Anyone reply please
  3. isko95

    Thread How to fix my xperia t? 😰

    I had a problem with the phone, it reboots every time itself, so i decided to buy a new battery from internet. Then i replaced the original inside the xperia t and placed the new one. When i turn on the phone, it vibrates and nothing on the screen, it seems to boot normally but without anything...
  4. isko95

    Thread Moving from stock lollipop

    Can anyone suggest me which are the best roms based on lollipop? What are pros and cons, the rom with less bugs or problems TYIA in advance. And also can anyone tell me how to install the rom from stock lollipop without root?
  5. isko95

    Post [YUGA][Development] CM13 / CyanogenMod 13

    Is this rom better than the official sony stock rom? Can you tell me all the bugs or problem?
  6. isko95

    Post Xperia Z3 Screen Recorder for Z1

    How can I install this on stock xperia z kitkat 4.4.4 without root? (dont tell me to root because I dont want to, its new :D)
  7. isko95

    Post [Q] Cover like xperia z3??

    I dont like it. I want the same style of the smart cover of xperia z3
  8. isko95

    Thread [Q] Cover like xperia z3??

    im wondering if there will be a smart cover window like xperia z3?? i want it too for my xperia Z please somenone reply. the cover is like this: http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/accessories/style-cover-scr24/ :D
  9. isko95

    Post android kk 4.4.4

    But is it sure that we will receive it? I asked it because only those 3 models got the 4.4.4 update
  10. isko95

    Thread android kk 4.4.4

    When will official android kitkat 4.4.4 come on xperia z c6603? Hope that it will fix bugs of 4.4.3 espescially about battery
  11. isko95

    Post [bricked xperia T] flashing stock firmware

    hey guys! i bought a new xperia Z (which was on sale in mediaworld) :D so happy! hope not to go on trouble with this one. but i will still try to fix the xperia T :)
  12. isko95

    Post [bricked xperia T] flashing stock firmware

    Fastboot.exe oem lock 0xKEY is the command or another?
  13. isko95

    Post [bricked xperia T] flashing stock firmware

    riped? why it fails relocking the fastboot? what is the correct command to relock?
  14. isko95

    Post [bricked xperia T] flashing stock firmware

    why broke? they are connected well