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    Post [Q] chromecastable

    request imto "features request "thread
  2. IsolatedKM

    Post [Bug] Resume video after screen wake up

    update apps. it may be beta version
  3. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] hw+ jump or accelerate speed

    change it from mx player sttings>codec. it should work
  4. IsolatedKM

    Post @angrish

    try a good task killer. if the problem stiil stand, change your device battery. ---------- Post added at 02:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:35 AM ---------- please change the topic name
  5. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] Micromax Unite 2 not starting

    try reflash with original firmware.
  6. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] should i update my firmware?

    if available, you should update. cause you using a old firmware. you shold move into new platform.
  7. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] i flashed the wrong radio.zip, am i doomed??

    it have be re flashed. or if you have backup you should restore it.
  8. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] App killed when swiped from Recents

    if you use lenevo default recent cleaner, it will close akl recent apps. cause its a task killer.
  9. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] app to manage the google auto backup feature

    device settings shuld has that option. or you can use wifi password keeper. it may want root acces.
  10. IsolatedKM

    Post System UI Text Color how to fix please help

    are you trying to change that? usually stock doesn't have that problem.
  11. IsolatedKM

    Post guide install manuall driver

    its an old trics. any way thanks for share.
  12. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 rooted can't show registered Wifi Passwords

    search in play store or google it. thre is many software like those
  13. IsolatedKM

    Post [q]Home funcion not working

    if you use stock rom, and still problem stand, grlet your device to customers care.
  14. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q] Saw a VPN server app on here/Play Store but can't find it?

    may be it removes for any violens of rule.
  15. IsolatedKM

    Post [Q]Mono sound

    you have to post in feature request thread in this section.