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    Post Question Future of Pixel Experience on OnePlus 9 Officially?

    I guess the PE team doesn't even aware that OnePlus launched two devices Op9 9pro 🤣
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    Post Development [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/08/2021]

    Is the developers of this build died? Why there's no update coming out? :3
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    Post Question Flash custom rom + revert to stock (EU-variant)

    I guess you have only one option called MSM TOOL
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    Post Question Omega Kernel

    Let us know after you flash it.. everything eluding gaming + regular use TIA 😃
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    Post Question Omega Kernel

    Yes I also checked the comments.. they're saying its only for the 9pro version. That's why I'm not flashing it
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    Thread Is it possible to flash Eu or global rom on an Indian variant op9?

    Hello there. I've been searching for this answer everywhere but can't find anything. Some says EU or Global rom cross flashing is possible but I've heard from a few people that OnePlus 9 indian variant doesn't allow to flash eu or global rom, if you flash the phone might get bricked hardly (that...
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    Post Question Omega Kernel

    Waiting for public response. Then I'll flash it 😂