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  • Hi,Thank you for your hardly job.But there are something have to improve in the rom(Touch-IT BL Landscape 21889(January 10, 2010 version)).

    1. FM radio doesn't work.
    2. SMS list and contacts list was rolled very slowly.(too slow)
    3. When the wifi was turned on, and I press the power button to close the screen, the wifi will be turned off automaticly.

    I hope the speed will be improved quickly, because I can't wait any more...
    Heisann, moro å se flere nordmenn her inne.
    Ser du lager en del ROMs, men finner ingen norske for Leo.
    Det hadde vært vedlig moro om du kunne lage en norsk rom av 21889 med 2.02 packages uten co-pilot, og samtidig holde ROMen så original som mulig :p
    vorrei diventare un tuo tester ufficiale se ti interessa contattami via pm
    ps: sei il miglior cuoco per x1 grazie a te il mio x1 è rinato grazie
    Hey what ROM do you use on your Xperia X1 I am looking for the best ROM for my Xperia and I figured the one you personally chose for yours would be the best!
    Hey itje,
    Thanks for all your work on the X1 roms. I wanted to know if you could, or have already, posted WVGA cabs for the HTC menu and notification enhancement? I love those two apps by htc, but i don't like Touchflo in general. Is there anyway you can release these without the rest of touchflo? Thanks for you time.
    Hi, I'm the founder of a charity that funds the growth of technology beyond what the publisher intended allowing users to get a better experience. I have found that you are such an individual, and as a X1 user I also have a personal interest. I was wondering fi we could aid you financially in any way for you to carry on doing what you do. If interested please reply and if not, please carry on doing what you do.
    Hey man. I was wondering if I could get the final open touch rom for the T-Mobile Wing from you? I know its old, but I figured I'd ask.
    Hey man. Your Polaris came in yesterday. Just wanted to let you know. Payment is on it's way.
    I came up with this page in simple search for official roms
    just to make sure is it true that there will be an official 6.5 for x1 or its just a rumor??
    it really changes the options for me if its a rumor or not.
    sorry for my bad english and thanks for good roms you cook ;)
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