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  • Hell[o]

    I wonder is there a way to grab your kitchen of old 6.1 ROM's (Touch-IT Xperience 10.4) ? To be honest I have some troubles to get use of new 6.5 builds and I still prefer old good 6.1 and your kitchen was definitly best one IMHO. As I can see you lost interest in 6.1 then I hope it would be possible to obtain a copy to refresh it a little and customize a bit for my needs (I see no problem to keed it private if you want)

    ---- Marcin Morgoth Kurek ----
    i hope i can get sum answers soon :)... am new to this and was wondering how to install TF3D for my experia safely, like the steps i should take
    hey man im impressed with your work .. awesome stuff .. just one thing and its not about bugs or anything roms are perfect im have trouble with wallpaper issues i cant seem to get a wallpaper that will go on touch flo 3d as landscape asked around and looked couldnt find it soo ive come to the best thnx

    Hei, eg er ein nordmann på ferie som kan få en X1 ganske billigt..
    Visst du hadde vert meg ville du kjøpt X1?
    For jeg venter på HTC's Superstar med Tegra og begynner å blir lei av min I780..
    hey, im totally new to the xda dev world. today i just found out how much you can do with new mobile phones. damn am i impressed at how much work this whole community puts into things. just want to say im glad i came on here and that my first ever mod i have done to my X1 was the touch it experience 10.4 and that if it wasnt for you and this rom, id not be as happy with my X1 as i am now :D thanks and for that, you will get my first ever donation on thursday :D afterall its nice to be nice :)
    Hi itje,

    First, I'm using 10.4 and i'm very happy with it, therefore I donated last week 10Euros, now i read about your "secret rom" is there still room for another beta tester?

    below are the details of my donation, keep up the good work! thanks!

    Donatiebedrag:€10,00 EUR
    Totaal:€10,00 EUR
    Doel:Touch-IT donation

    Verzendgegevens:willem Oldemans
    Rijnstraat 214
    5215EN Den bosch Nederland
    Hi Itje, this is Stormglider from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Not too sure what time it is over there but I hope you consider the time difference. Much appreciated.
    Donation made: 0D269293JA627422T.

    hi Itje, is it possible to upload to somewhere else, megaupload censored in Saudi, no way to DL, would love to try it tonight and do a bit of reporting at the same time.

    thank you
    Could u please give me in Touch-IT10.3 please.
    and what's version now.
    Thank a lot
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