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  • hello hope you can help
    i posted a thread in touch it v9 about having internet problems.
    ive moved to win mobile 6.5 and im still having the same problem:
    i have o2 unlimited internet.on xperia x1i.
    after soft reset all works fine, put phone down for half hour or so.make a call etc, come back to internet and i get:
    "the page cannot be displayed""cannot find server or dns error"
    i have tryed o2 auto settings.also manualy setting up connection but have same issue.
    someone sugested blutooth caused it but it dosnt make a diffrence if its on or off.
    its almost like the internet disconnects after so long but wont reconnect when i ask for a web page

    i dont have this problem on the generic roms R2A/R3A etc. they work perfect.

    i have had this problem with all of your roms from touch-it 4.5
    hope you can help as your roms are awsome!
    it has to be something really stupid "hid" as you put it but i cant think of what it is
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    I have installed TF3D_HD on my X1, but I can't find the program (33MB). It is listed under "program files" on the storage card, but it does not show in the programs meny. Do I have to install other programs to make it work?
    Yours sincerely, Anneki

    Can you please add me to your "Touch-IT x1 betateam"?
    I would really like to test your newest beta-roms and report bugs.

    hi ther itje..... i just gat my black X1 3 or 4 days ago n am slowly upgrading it so i tryd to download TF3 but is not working n i dont know why,,
    plz can u send me good link so i can but it in my phone
    plz plz plz plz plz
    Hey Itje, I know that you're busy man, but maybe you could update your 6.5ROM based ont he latest 217xxbuild which seems to be a major step towards final release. Cheers form Autriche!d
    Hi there first of thank you for spending time making usefull software.
    i am now using your norwegian rom and it's fast but one little snag the radio output is very low,
    Could be just a minor registy fix but i dont know :) have heard of this problem before ?

    Du ruler! kult at noen ennå liker og fikle med software...
    Hi Itje,
    Hope all's well.

    Just checking if you any latest Rom for HTC P4351. Please let me know i am still using the same Final Touch-IT v3.0 3 provided by you
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