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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 33.1 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 4.18.401.3

    Great roms, great work Unfortunatly I have WiFi issues on both 21.0 and 20.1
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    Post [STOPPED] [SKN] OneX(+)/OneXL - Sense 5 Everything 6.1 - 2013-04-30}

    Nice mod, been using it on Arhd 20.1 Boot animation don't change, but not a issue for me as I really don't care Everything else "works" But new lockscreen is buggy when in.ex answering incoming calls, and/or using the "ring/lock-thingy" to interact with notifications. It's hard to hit the...
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    Post Major OTA update 6.2.2013 -

    must be just you :) working fine here. cheers
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    Post Major OTA update 6.2.2013 -

    Well, the device is certainly booting faster, so that is a big :highfive: in my book :)
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    Post Latest 8x Update broke sound!

    Kinda similar to mine, but I don't have beat's on and off, nor is video having problems. Try do a hard reset, once or twice to force it to "update properly" It helped for me, not fixing the problem altogether but it became better after hard reset :cowboy:
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    Post Bugs on our device thread

    Anyone still experiencing difference in sound level when listening to music? (after update to OS 8.0.10211.204) I have noticed that if I disconnect my headset (pausing the music) and reconnect, the sound level can be either louder or lower. Sometimes I can't even adjust sound level until I...
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    Post Bugs on our device thread

    After updating to the new (officially not released yet) OS 8.0.10211.204 I have not had issues with sound or reboots (yet?) Seen some issues in apps esp. on resume (mostly/only(?) Wimp, but I believe that's app related) I am happy with my 8x, it's, for me, one of the better devices I have had...
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    Post Bugs on our device thread

    I don't mind. You keep it :) :cyclops:
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    Post Bugs on our device thread

    Let's list up our findings, to see if it's only a local bug, or if many others have the same issues. Had my 8x for aprox 3 weeks now, I am mostly very pleased with both aesthetics and performance. But have seen some random "bugs": -Random reboots (already mentioned and have a fix coming)...
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    Post [Q] HTC 8X Forum?

    +1 would ne nice :)
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    Post yay :)

    W/E man I see you got the whole brains on what to write and how to write it, that's good for you :good: :highfive: I was waiting for the confirmation that the device was shipped and I would have updated my post, but since that did not happen..I did not. And in my disappointment, I didn't think...
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    Post yay :)

    to my big disappointment..the seller lied (no real surprise there?) He said the device was in stock in their main storage compartment, and thet he would ship it right away.. But after some reading online, I started to wonder... So I called helpdesk again, this time talking to a woman..and she...
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    Thread yay :)

    I called one of the big electronics stores today and asked when they expect it in their stores, and they guy said that it will be available in stores by the end of the week.. But. He could sell me one there and then, and ship it today, and that I will get it either tomorrow or latest wednesday...