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  • I was wondering if the all in one sim unlock tool would ever be updated to include the T-Mobile Wing/HTC Herald?
    Dear Itsme

    i have an O2 Xda Stealth

    Can u tell me the exact way of resting it..>

    the soft reset :

    and hard reset :
    Hi Itsme, I tried to sim-unlock a locked 3125 with this method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?p=2459703 , after that the phone gave me a ''fatal error" "data crashes" message, I had a backup of the supercid file of the phone (file made with the spv-developers supercid tool), I flashed the file back and now I don't have the "fatal Error" message, and the phone accepts other sim cards different from the cingular sim, but the phone has no signal at all, all the other stuff works fine, I appreciate any advice anybody could give me to restore the signal (service) back to the phone, or that means the phone is still locked?.

    Thank you
    HTC 3125- WM6.1 pro by erofich
    My phone'e cingular 3125.
    Model STRAR100
    ROM VERSION : 2.4.502.0
    its Status : SIMLOCK
    using Vietnam Simcard

    Please help me add support to the unlock tool for this model

    Thank willem !
    I'm finding the way how to programmatically determinate if the radio is gprs or edge available. Could you show me how to do this?

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