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    Post Patched Boot Image for OP 7 Pro

    I would like this too please.
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    Post Post Your OP 7 Pro Home Screen(s) set up!

    Redline icon pack mentioned by someone earlier
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    Post Photo quality

    Best pic ive taken so far.
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    Post 6ft Warp Cable- Amazon

    On stock cable for me 1% to 63% is done in 31minutes
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    Post 6ft Warp Cable- Amazon

    Thanks for the clarification, been looking for a longer cable for this phone and couldn't find one. What are the rough speed differences between dash and warp?
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    Post Camera bypasses security

    Not mine, back to lockscreen. Using full screen gestures, no physical buttons.
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    Post Scrolling smoothness

    I came to this phone from a Razer phone which had a 120hz variable screen. This screen is great! Best of both worlds, smoothness of 90hz and coloura and brightness of OLED.
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    Post Really noisy camera quality in WhatsApp?

    Don't use WhatsApp but if it's anything like telegram I wouldn't use the built in camera app if you want a good shot. Take a photo and then send it with WhatsApp. Don't take it from within.
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protectors

    It does but I'm not a fan. You can feel the lip of it around the edges. Especially if you opt for the gesture input, you will feel it all the time.
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    Post Uk pre order thread

    That's where you went wrong.... Ordered mine at 10.02 :p
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    Post Uk pre order thread

    Yeah sorry, would have been more useful if I provided some context. Yes I was sat there for first release on the 15th and nabbed one straight away. Got that text just before 6pm today. Has been on OnePlus website as May 15, 2019 02:30 pm Shipment is processing Since then and still is at...
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    Post Uk pre order thread

    Yeah boi. Confirmation Edit: not sure why it isn't showing, but got 'sent out confirmation text just now'
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    Post [APP][ROOT] LMT Launcher v2.9

    "Last active app" has no animation, any idea why? Also is there a "key" code that does the same thing?