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    Post LineageOS : how to ?

    Thanks. I'm not sure that I understand everything though... Free as in Free Software, so I was mostly thinking of LineageOS (since I guess Replicant isn't an option on this model), but I'm open to other propositions (as long as there's no proprietary code in them of course).
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    Post What to debloat from ADB? [S21 Ultra]

    Thanks. The PDF is titled "application list" in general, not specifically "safe to remove applications". None of them will cause any problem if I adb remove them ?
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    Post What to debloat from ADB? [S21 Ultra]

    It's maybe more detailed, but it's for another phone model...
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    Thread LineageOS : how to ?

    Hi everybody. I was given a professionnal Galaxy S21 phone. On the LineageOS wiki i can't find this device. I also looked at /e/ but for no better results. Is there still a way to have a free OS on this phone ?
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    Post Introduction

    Also, I wanted to post in another thread (about my work phone) and it asked me to login, and when I tried to login I got an error message. NoScript blocks (as it should) all scripts except those from xda-developers.com, and uMatrix blocks (as it should) all redirections. Is there something that...
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    Thread Introduction

    Hi all. I'm a tech worker in a public education facility, I have been assigned a work phone and there is no way I keep it on Google Android. But I'm not experienced with Lineage OS so I may have a lot of questions coming soon.