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  • ivan:

    I don't know if you've figured it out already, but to answer your question about restricting to 528 while booting:

    In arch/arm/mach-msm/cpufreq.c, you'll see this in the msm_cpufreq_init function:

    #if 0
    /* restrict cpu freq scaling range by overwriting */

    Change that "#if 0" to "#if 1" (or change it to an #ifdef for the CONFIG_MSM_CPU_FREQ_ONDEMAND_MIN and CONFIG_MSM_CPU_FREQ_ONDEMAND_MAX config variables, like I did), and that will overwrite the *default* policy upon init. So, it will let you override it with setcpu, but will restrict scaling to 528000 (or whatever you change the config variables to) until setcpu kicks in.

    Also, did you remove the perflock code entirely, or just remove the notifier registration? I've rewritten the overclocking code to be safer, and I'd love to copmare patches and share work.

    hello ivan i am using htc herald and i want to install ur just micro sd version but my volume down button is not working can u help me out plz anyhow i want to install that rom plz help me
    I having issues with my htc hd2. After it idles the screen wont turn on only the hard buttons light on, sometime it freezes and when i reboot the screen flickers when it is a the tmobile sticker. I have to soft reset alot only to use it for about 30min before i does one of the three issues.
    actually seems like the driver is missing as now only got an SDIO wifi adapter, and the driver i need is a wlan 802.11b/g
    Can you just root the phone or do you have to root & install a new rom? What if I just wanted to root for customization etc...Do you have to back up to root???
    I guess I just want to backup the pictures, music etc.. which could easily be done just using my computer...I could download all the apps again (It will remember which ones I've paid for right?) Probably no way to back up text messages either, but no real big deal. So basically if I back up my music and pictures I should be good to go?
    Hi can u help me? I have done hardspl on my HTC Herald, first with Yang ,and one after with aserg, and tried touch it also ,non of them worked out as the wifi can't turn on. Now i left with aserg as it working great but no wifi at all.What should i do?
    Thanks Richard
    Hi! I am using your thread showing the walk through from Stock 1.5 to 2.1 & I have a probably stupid question...Do I need to back up because the phone will wipe??? Pretty sure it basically answers this in the walk through but I had to ask. What is the best program to back up my Eris???
    Hey bro great work on everything you guys do...i just want to let know about a very minor glitch in your 8.1 t2 (my new favorite rom)
    ....when the phone is plugged in on any charger all the UIs screens like the sense, nexus, and vanilla home dart of to the left when the phone is move or is in hand also when typing the curser jumps to the left (pain) and selections alos goes to the left. But when off the charger, not a problem at all....thank you sir for all your great work and look foward to more of you great work
    hello ivanmmj, i have just got a att fuze from a friend unlocked and i enjoyed the work you did on the wm6.1 micro rom on the wing that i was wondering if you could make one for the fuze aka touch pro. thank you in anyway you can help or just point me in the right direction.
    Hi there i have a LG LS20 i like to install a new rom on it but don't know how to do it. Is there a post or somthing showing how its done please ?
    Ok cool, well if you do figure it out and need a tester let me know. Im more than willing to help.
    Hey, when you was last on that rooting HTC Droid Eris thread, when you asked that question about putting the phone in fastboot and opening up CMD and typing "Fasboot oem h" did anyone ever get back to you on that or did you figure out how to root it?
    ivan ive bricked my tmobile wing and i have a sandisk 8gb micro sdhc...can i unbrick it with an sdhc?
    ivan ive bricked my tmobile wing and i have a sandisk 8gb micro sdhc...can i unbrick it with an sdhc?
    please i need mirror site to download because i tried a lot of time to download kitchen from yr site but failed can u please upload it to an other server . its a request!
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