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    Post Cases for Xiaomi Mi 10T ( Pro )

    anyone from India can help me with good case and tempered glass please?
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    Post Need new charger for my Stratos 3.

    Please check ALIEXPRESS and Amazfit official store. You can buy from them
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    Thread Anyone tested GTS/GTR 2nd Version

    A lot of reviews but all seems to be biased favoring buy. None of them are speaking about any issues or problems. Is the watch that really good?
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    Post Amazfit GTS (ver1) still worth to purchase ?

    Stratos; good looks and adds value with sports mode
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    Post gtr connection failed, update to latest app...

    Does it happen when you have default watch face?
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    Post lenovo m10 plus FHD (2nd gen) Android 10 update

    Android 10 I have updated the device to Android 10.... Tablet - X606V
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    Post Stratos 3 firmware thread

    Can you share the steps and screenshot please??? I mean how to remove or add widgets in the app
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    Post Brand new Stratos 3 impossible won’t pair with iPhone 11.

    Are you sure?? Does it work with iPhone as in iOS
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    Post Brand new Stratos 3 impossible won’t pair with iPhone 11.

    I’m sorry to hear that, hope you approached [email protected] I did the same thing, made a video and shared it with them selling hello. Eventually with a lot of issues. I gave up on the Stratos 3 Watch. Now I don’t have to worry.
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    Post Stratos 3 - No display

    Well, no science here, time for replacement then
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    Post GTS & iOS 13.5 Zepp notifications

    You can make feature request in Amazfit support forum. I highly doubt it would happen anytime soon
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    Post Sleep editing in Amazfit app version 4.8.1-play

    you can't edit the sleep data. The watch / app / Amazfit Team think we all sleep in night only. Some people work in night is not possible or unusual.
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    Post Time error sync with Strava

    The issue us not limited to GTR; it's with GTS, T-Rex, Sometimes with Stratos 3 Thankfully, this is not seen in Pace or Stratos 3 as of now.
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    Post Time error sync with Strava

    I attest this statement. I may have written 20-30 emails and I seldom get response.
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    Post Amazfit Stratos Upload Sport Triathlon to Strava

    It’s simple. Open activities in your watch Scroll to the activity you would like Open the activity you want the gpx Scroll right to left where it says more-> select export It will now say exporting and message saying, exported fox file successfully and location of the file Plug in the watch to...