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  • hello, dear friend;

    o, I decided that I was going to play around with my old Kaiser (its a really nice phone) I have kept up with the os updates for it on this forum since its release two and a half years ago.

    Ive been programing in linux for a while now,(since free time increased due to graduation) and I was wondering a few things about installing android on this phone and getting specifically the camera to work. Is there a functioning camera driver for this phone.

    Im sure there must be, and if so what applications does it work with?
    Hey mate, you said that reverting back to the older Ion system worked for you. My question is which on did you use? as the last one has been removed for download from the project page.

    I'm interested in your 2 icon digital clock but was wondering if there is an easy way to change in to 24 hour format from the current 12 hour format?
    I don´t think this is hard but it would make iPhonetoday reset every minute and it would need to run all the time. (don´t know how this affects battery)
    So even if you are in the middle of scrolling throug the pages when iphonetoday resets it will start on the first page again (Not so hard with 2 Pages but imagine with 10)

    I tried to convince MiToNiOeS to make an exe that refreshes the icons like they are refreshed when deleting icons with the UI (It is verry fast and you dont loose the page) There must be a function in his .dll that does this and accessing it from an outside exe shouldn´t be to hard.
    But he seems to be pretty busy (which is no suprise since his updates are comming in close to daily)

    If I can find some spare time tomorrow or thuesday I will fiddle some clock thingie together and we can test if it affects usability and batterylife.
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