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  • jackleung
    Senior Member :-----It could work with some patch (i.e. my rom) but there is bug that playlist cannot survive soft-reset. (that's because sense 2.5 doesn't support AVRCP (remote control via bluetooth))

    Can I have the patch in REG or CAB file ....
    Hi jack i need to report to you that the link for downloading T-mobile Theme in your 3.X rom for X1 is down.
    hi hi, i have the last rom of you, and thz for that, but i want to use i-nigma reader, and i cant use the camara can you help me
    Can you save the copy of your clip, do a full backup w/ SPB backup, and re-test it w/ hard reset? I believe I include the codec already. PM me again if still not working.
    Hi Jack! (again!) Do you have any ideea why I can't play a video clip recorded with the X1 (X1 camera soft) - ROM v 3 lite , type 3gp, neither with WMPlayer nor with the built in player in camera application? However, Core player does the trick. I guess I need some codecs ( GSM AMR -NB) as I can see in the Core player description of the file. Maybe you have a clue where I can get them and in what folder I must copy them. I need this because I want to use a nice app ( http://www.incax.com/ ) to stream live but I can't use it ( just to record, see it in Core and upload later). Thanks a lot!
    only when I have the time. Normally I don't really care about the build # as long as it's stable and fast. Newer build doesn't mean better after all
    hi , just used your Jack_V3.15_Med and i cannot find fm radio in it? i tried htc fm radio, it didn't work, how can i fix it?
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