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    Post Better understand you---Chat with Honor CEO on Friday

    1 Please help me to understand how often the Security updates getting released ? 2 What is the main reason behind not letting developer to unlock the bootloader ? 3 Will you provide often android updates? 4 Service support in India it sucks, how you gonna handle the same?
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.x] [Official] [weekly] AICP 12.1 (Pro3 aka zl1, X727,X720)

    Finger Print is working ? Attached my phone screen... Please suggest me can I update?
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    Post [INDEX] App Translators - Developers, we translate your apps! [10 Jun 2017]

    Help us to translate Dear Friends, Hope you're doing good, We are group of 15 dev finally able to build the Antivirus with Junk cleaner & Anti-theft function, very simple app without ads, we ware looking for translators to help us out. Help us to translate - you can reach me @...
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    Post IRIS Scanner App lock

    Sorry for the delay Hi All, in India its festival I was not working since 3 days, Just now started working, I will send you soon first apk for IRIS scanner detecting function test.. Based on the input and suggestion I Will improve the app asap.
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    Thread IRIS Scanner App lock

    Hi Note 7 users, Hope you all doing good, Today started working on the IRIS App lock for Note 7, I don't have Note 7 with me to test the application, I request Note 7 users to help me out. Need Beta Tester who can share the suggestion, view, what you need as note 7 user, anything... Beta...
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    Post [App][4.0.3] Updates for Samsung Android phones

    Checkout Bro, you can checkout - You will find stock rom for all the phone even the custom roms. Please think and do something
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    Post [APP][4.1+] ExtraTorrent - Download torrent 2 times faster - Help us to Test

    Added screenshot, edited the name for beta testers..
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    Thread [APP][4.1+] ExtraTorrent - Download torrent 2 times faster - Help us to Test

    ExtraTorrentz allows you to find your torrent files on your Android device faster & easier than ever before! Google play store link : · Light weight & simple UI · Upload and seed your torrents directly from your...
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    Post [APP][4.4+] Cast Controller | Watch Webvideos on FireTV/Chromecast (100 FREE COUPONS)

    Good D Good App mate.. keep the good work up
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    Thread [App][2.3+] Remove Any installed or System app - Beta tester Needed.

    Note: uninstall system app need root permission, and we do not provide root method. [move to sdcard] If we granted root permission, we can move multi-app in one click, and can move almost all apps installed. Click here to download the application...
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    Post [App] Guide for Pokemon Go

    Good Guide Good Guide for pokemon Go game..
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    Post Whatsapp group

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    Post World First Fingerprint Game...

    Tested Your right it works only with S7 not other phones..