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  • veryyyyy goooood my friend . im waiting for ur Evo 2.5 with touch flo . please put the start at the top. :-* thank u
    i download jade ext packages but i seen the folder it has also

    were i put those folders,in OEM/opal/COMMON? it is already there .
    i cooked rom with SJK v8.5,rom cooking proses gooing smoothly it finished but wen i flashed my phone show this error upgrade code woh io fix it ? the rom version in kitchen 1.0 but i think it should 2.0. what rom version i set?
    i cooked with your xip but i got same bug in rom 28223. i cooked same build for my gene it was great work then y not work in opal? i think kitchen of opal was not proper.
    which kitchen you are using? can u provide your kitchen to me?
    plz forgive me excusing you again.
    i cooked some more roms,they had the same problems--when restart the phone,volume button,home setting and so on don't work.
    you have too many posts in xda,i can't read it all.
    i really look forward for you to telling me how to fix those problems.
    hi,I've cooked a room for viva,but I have the same problems that you have met--after I restart the phone,the home setting, comn manager, and volume button totally dont work
    could you tell me how to fix it.thx
    hooola amigo jugan2 disculpa que te escriba en español pero no se nada de ingles
    cuenta que paso con evo en español !! cuando nos ayudaras a reparar los errores !!! te estamos esperando en htcmania !!!
    hey cuando estara disponible la actulizacion de la evo 2.5

    friend hooola jugan2 sorry that you type in Spanish but not anything English account step with evo in Spanish! When help us fix the bugs! We are waiting for you in htcmania!
    Hey when will be available the new evo 2.5 rom
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