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    Post [TWRP-Backup][potter] NPN25.137-72 Firmware

    does this contain efs and persist
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    Post [ROM][PORT][DSP][10.0] OxygenOS Q Stable 10.3.5 from OnePlus 6

    Screen brightness level is less when compared to miui It's there any fix ??
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    Post This MAC Adrress suff with 9 update

    This happened to me also Don't know how to revert back stock mac
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    Post Wifi mac address to something like this "00:0A:F5" after pie ota please confirm?

    Even my mac address changed . What strange for me is my Bluetooth and wifi mac address interchanged. How i found this is , i have registered my phone to my college wifi . Today morning after pie update phone didn't connect to the network. Then i found that Mac address has been changed to...
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    Thread Wifi mac address messed up [pie update stable]

    After stable pie update my wifi mac address and Bluetooth mac address interchanged. So i cant connect to my office wifi. Pls help to revert back to my stock wifi mac address. My device is not rooted !
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    Post Here is the solution for BOOTLOOP after 9.0 beta

    for me nothing is showing in twrp folder in restore pls help i folled the steps in op properly ---------- Post added at 06:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:01 AM ---------- I took my own backup of boot and one folder created in twrp folder. i replaced my files with the...
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    Post [UPDATED] How to install MiA2 Camera on Mia1 (Complete Guide) |(All Error Fixed)

    I can't able to select both the files , its hidden. Please help
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    Post [MAGISK][7.1/8.0] Fix for stable fps on video recording in dark

    Will this fix work in android pie (liquid remix rom)
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    Post [ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.0.3][OFFICIAL][22/12/18]

    Which kernel is best in terms of battery life for this ROM ??
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    Post WiFi strength, range, and throughput

    it does'nt have dual band wifi
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    Post [CAMERA MOD(S)] Tadi's libhacks (new camera resolution)

    Redmi note 5 pro got it. Can it also be achieved for mi a1