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Recent content by jaimeh12

  1. J

    Post [ROM] [9/10] MIUI 12

    There is clearly a bug with notifications. In my case, I have the option "on lock screen: show all notifications and their contents", but I can only see them sometimes. Most times I unlock and there are a lot of them in the notifications bar, but locked there are none. Any idea?
  2. J

    Post Failed to connect i10 tws to my phone

    Right now can you pair them to other phone?
  3. J

    Post Random touch/input lag

    I don't use the google keyboard ever. I use swift key. Will try that anyway. But I see the lag also in the apps and launcher as well.
  4. J

    Post Random touch/input lag

    I would like to know if everyone is having this problem or not. I feel like it should be a hardware problem but at the same time the fact that it is intermittent could be an indication that there something behind it that we don't know, and maybe could be fixed by software. I think hat putting it...
  5. J

    Post Random touch/input lag

    I didn't realize it could also impact gaming,as I my self don't play. I was about to ask if you could try setting your cpu governor to performance and check the response but I see that you are in stock rom. I will probably try another rom soon, and the latest hex kernel. However, having...
  6. J

    Thread Random touch/input lag

    My biggest issue with this phone is that every now and then my phone becomes very unresponsive in relation to the user input, up to a point where trying to type becomes frustrating. Actually, you can only notice this behavior while typing. Only rebooting or putting the CPU's governor into...
  7. J

    Thread Recover data from broken screen [Locked phone and bootloader][No adb][Xiaomi MI 5s]

    The Xiaomi Mi 5s from a friend is broken. Screen is black, no response from touch. Fingerprint sensor seems to be dead as well. Phone is working in three states: - normal boot, but it is locked. - fastboot - something else I think it is some Xiaomi Bootloader USB debugging is disabled. Fastboot...
  8. J

    Post [APP][XPOSED][6.0+] XPrivacyLua - Android privacy manager

    Can confirm that "module not running or updated" error is resolved by updating Xposed Installer. I know it doesn't make so much sense but it is what happens. At least with systemless xposed.
  9. J

    Post [Tool] Android Adb File Explorer

    Thank you for your app. Works very good.
  10. J

    Post [MOD][Xposed]XInsta (2.0.4) - Download Images/Videos From Instagram

    Not an expert, but you may install systemless xposed using magisk as I did.
  11. J

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][MARKW][Unofficial] Resurrection Remix v5.8.5 | hrafninn's build

    No, I flashed magisk for root. Also have systemless xposed.
  12. J

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][MARKW][Unofficial] Resurrection Remix v5.8.5 | hrafninn's build

    Perfect room, thanks. It works so so great that i'm gonna use it for daily driver. I have a little problem. I can not connect to PC using MTP. I have MTP selected on dev options, but it only charges. I can't see the notification to change mode neither. Anyone has this problem, any suggestions?
  13. J

    Post OFFICIAL Mokee MK71.2

    I can't get to work Google Play Music app. Every thing else works so great... But this app is a must-use for me. I tried voodoo just in case but it didn't help. Just tested on 09/23 build. When I play the music it freezes a little and electric noise is made out of the speaker, audioFX app also...
  14. J

    Post [GAME] Frame It!

    I dont understand so much who to play but i got 48741 (lv8) by clicking everywhere xD Its really fun :P actually.. it becomes a bit slower in the last levels and starts freezing, it allmost freeze my galaxy s. Maybe there something worng in rendering. And his phone might have crashed before...