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    Post Aokp offcial its coming :):):):)

    Nightlies?? Saw someone ask about it a few pages back... y00t00bs and usb mounting are fixed! Yay! http://rootzwiki.com/topic/25528-rom5132012kangkong-51312-unofficial-cm9-nightly/
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    Post [REQ]trebuchet launcher for gingerbread

    I saw somewhere that a port was coming... ill see if I can find a link
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    Post ICS progress for the samsung SGS2 LTE

    ICS? Anyone working on a vanilla ICS port to the tmo SGS II? *Never mind. Thread in the Q&A section about it. Sorry guys.
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    Post [DEV][ROM] ICS Port {13/11/2011} | Beta 12 | Sources Out Now

    N00b question; is beta 4 working on the ns4g?
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    Post Thread Closed Please Delete Mods....

    oof. I remember asking that question. And to answer, I have a few of my own: are you rooted? have you flashed/dl'd cwm yet?
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    Thread G2x wallpaperzzz?

    Hey. I'm a vibrant owner wondering if anyone could pull n' post G2x stock wallpapers? Such as this one: http://tftscdn.nexus404.com/Blog/wp-content/uploads2/2011/03/t-mobile-g2x-480.jpg Thanks
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    Post [Q] Anybody Running HTC Sense ROM?

    Hey! Sense is not impossible, but you're probably not going to see it for a looong time if it does ever happen. HTC's software mantra is "lock-and key"-- only HTC branded phones have the correct permissions/drivers/guts in general to flash Sense ROMs. I've been waiting for one on the Vibrant...
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    Post [ROM] Vibrant AOSP ish JK2 1.1 Official FROYO (Working GPS, WiFi Calling) *11/9/2010*

    did you try his twitter? He updates it pretty regularly http://twitter.com/#!/Eugene_373 *Edit* oh.... thought this was Eugene's original ROM. Just noticed that this is anderdroid's. suhweet. Guess good ol eugene isn't the man your looking for then haha sorry. Overexcited.
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    Post (Rom)[GSDT]{FROYO 2.2} AOSP Vanilla~Version 3.0-UPDATED 4/27/2011

    On a nit-picky note: the rounded top edges, white-on-white clock numbers, non-aosp camera/browser icon and transparent notifications menu in this build make it feel a bit disjointed. Not really any kind of big deal at all whatsoever: your work seriously takes the best advantage of vibrant...
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    Post (Rom)[GSDT]{FROYO 2.2} AOSP Vanilla~Version 3.0-UPDATED 4/27/2011

    Round of uproarious applause on smooth vanilla... we're talking G2X comparable speeds...fantastic work. If you can make Eugenes old vanilla froyo ROM run THIS fast and THIS smooth, you will have made all of my dreams come true.
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    Post [ROM] Vibrant AOSP ish JK2 1.1 Official FROYO (Working GPS, WiFi Calling) *11/9/2010*

    as in all the aesthetic details the same...?? plz leave this ROM as is visually. I've been a fan since its release. Unless there are ways to make it even more vanilla haha. The more vanilla and pure-untouched-googly it looks the better :]
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    Post HTC Sense on Google Nexus One!

    It's not really fit for mortals' daily use yet, but there is a ROM from the Desire S being worked on right now (as in, gingerbread-sense, tchyeah!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=995445
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    Post HTC Sense on Google Nexus One!

    evil's NXsense ROM is pretty sweet. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=791151 It's a really stable port from the desire HD with all the latest bells and whistles (i.e, flipping clock, themes and whatnot) steps to instal are as follows: 1.) use AmonRa recovery to repartition...