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  • Hi, first of all you and the others are doing a great job... i have a stupid question but maybe you can help me with it...I am just trying to compile the android sources to build a clean system.img, the compilation works without problems, now i have the system.img but i cant get it to work on my htc nike, after the rootfs initscript is done and the system.img is loaded, the boot hangs... so my question is, what files have i to extract from the other builds to get my new image working? is there any worklfow i can follow to get a working image?
    Hello, sorry for my stupid question,
    but did you ever think about cooking
    an android version für htc leo? Is this even
    possible or are there some big problems
    (drivers etc)

    I was looking forward to installing your new sense UI android on my vogue and since im doing this for the first time i was not sure how to install. I want to keep the windows and boot android from sd card. I have downloaded all necessary files.
    Please help me with instructions for installation.
    My email is [email protected]
    Your posts where andriod2 download links to a rom package, I do not want to remove my win mo, you can give me an independent win mo running andriod do, I can not find online. My email is: [email protected] The most sincere thank you.
    good sir,
    i hav instaled your rom installed over window but its slow. i has no contacts and cant not call my sickly mother. how DOES I REMOV IT?!one! YOUR ROM ARE SUCK

    I saw you on the android vogue section and thought I would give you a hello..

    I was wanting to know if you have seen anything about Diam400 (XV6950), and putting droid on it. People have been able to do it with Diam100 (GMS system though), can't seem to get a working Kernel for the CMDA version of DIAMOND TOUCH, if you have anything on this can you please forward me in the right direction, I used to have a XV6900 I miss it :( VZW switched it for this POS XV6950.
    hay jamez i heard your good at android. can you please tell me how to install it on my kaiser? i pay you? :)
    Hey I have but I lost my windows partition out of screwing something up/anger with vista and have not had a chance to reinstall just been using linux lately, i still got to see if I can do anything in linux but I'd expect I'll get my windows up and running again in a few days when i get a chance. Speaking of the wrapper itself I dont know if it is going to even work if we try to port some of the code over for the vogue, and I'd expect NFSfan would have a better idea than I, dont know too much about mobile stuff, still learning. But heres hoping.
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