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  • hello this program is great i translate it to greek so if you want to add it here is the link
    many thanks dude!
    Hey jandre I am looking to buy a Archos 5 Internet Tablet but i am worried that my converted videos wont work easily on it like on my HD (ur work rock dude! i want to donate but i dont have a credit card, but will do when i get one certainly!). I normally use the FFmpg to convert my anime (which comes in all sort of formats..mkv..ogg..avi). So will the videos i covert to watch on my Touch HD work on the Archos 5 as well?
    Dear Jandre

    Your programme has been a great tool for me to convert show for my wife and children. However, I can't seem to convert subtitle in the recent version. There is no longer 'En', 'Ch', etc. for selection. Only 'No' & 'Srt'. But I can't find any file under 'Srt' option from the DVD.

    Can you help?
    Thank you very much, but my program is absolutly free.
    I'm happy it's useful for you and for other people.

    How can I donate for your work?
    Please provide your paypal email.

    Thanks a bunch for your work on MP4FORHD. I use it all the time.
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