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Recent content by Jann F

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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.X for Oneplus2 | Android 8.X oreo

    Thank you for this detailed explanation! Any way to help you there? Also, how is the initial setup wizard able to set the default for SMS, calls and Data? It would be awesome to set at least calls and SMS.
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.X for Oneplus2 | Android 8.X oreo

    Can you explain how? The options are greyed out and both SIM cards appear as "disabled".
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    Thread [BOOTLOADER] Available fastboot (oem) commands

    So after diggin around for my own aboot (to be able to relock my bootloader with custom recovery) I found some commands and also a command that lists all commands known by the Bootloader. fastboot oem cmd_show ... (bootloader) cmd: oem cmd_show (bootloader) cmd: download: (bootloader) cmd...
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    Post [Investigation] Android Security - possibility to (re)lock bootloader / harden phone

    Not even one person that knows a person who knows a person? :eek: I'm happy for every hint!
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    Thread [Investigation] Android Security - possibility to (re)lock bootloader / harden phone

    Hello girls and guys, I am looking for a method to safely sign my own custom ROM the same way the "stock" system/recovery gets signed, so that I still have the feature to relock the bootloader after installing a recovery that only accepts zips signed with my private key. What I have found so...
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    Post invite sharing thread

    http://onepl.us/GLVP-CNZ6-N6GI-BP8L http://onepl.us/GLAY-HWQU-IBXD-EIDL http://onepl.us/GLQB-FX2N-EDAJ-HLUW Be fast, I'm satisfied with this phone, others may not be. It's a spec phone and definitly the best bang per buck phone. Use rooted OxygenOS for stable daily life and CM for custom needs.
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    Post invite sharing thread

    I have three to share, PM me if you are a contributor here :)
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    Post Eu model first boot "checking connection"

    I had this problem, skipped that step, updated to 2.0.2 and did a factory reset. It was virgin again and ran flawlessly without this error. So this was a 2.0.1 bug.
  9. J

    Post OPT came with Oxygen OS 2.0.3 preinstalled

    You would need to unlock the bootloader, but not more. If you boot the recovery only, it will not get installed. You can then lock it again afterwards.
  10. J

    Post OPT came with Oxygen OS 2.0.3 preinstalled

    You don't even need to flash anything. Just boot twrp via fastboot and back up the system. I think there are several people here who'd like to try.
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    Post [VIDEO] Oneplus 2 Home Button completely Dead !

    You could search for someone to give you the appropriate files or even a backup of /system ;) Try the OP forums too.
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    Post [ROM][I9100][MM][6.0.1][Linaro][SaberMod] CyanogenMod 13

    If merged into CM sources, will there be trim here too?
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    Post [VIDEO] Oneplus 2 Home Button completely Dead !

    This could really be due to a driver problem. They may use different fingerprint readers on several devices. Have you contacted the Oneplus support yet?
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    Post UNOFFICIAL CM12.1 for Nook HD/HD+ [2015-12-18]

    I have the issue that after a full wipe from CM11, installed via the latest TWRP, after setting up my google account, the setup assistant FC's and throws me back to language selection, so I am not able to exit the setup assistant. I tried latest CM Gapps and Delta Gapps. Solution is to do the...
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    Post [Q] Motorola G 4G 2nd Generation XDA ROM Support

    That is a VALID question! Is there/Will there be a subforum for the Moto G 4G 2. gen with Snapdragon 410 or is it comatible? EDIT: Ok, I think Motorola just confuses its customers... LINK I consider buying a Moto G 4G 2. Gen, but I'm confused if it has native CM or XDA support.. Moto G 2. Gen...