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Recent content by jasbur17

  1. jasbur17

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    I see people talking about waiting it out. Sooo many times these issues don't get complete satisfactory resolutions. ALWAYS return it within the return window. You can always buy it again later. just my 2 cents.
  2. jasbur17

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    My take is that they are both right, and that it has both. The callout on 13 is only talking about water, so they state IPX8. If they were only talking about dust in the callout, they could state IP6X.
  3. jasbur17

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    I went to the pixel 5 page on the google store website. Changed from Overview to Tech Specs and expanded the section Materials. There is this statement: IP68 water and dust resistance
  4. jasbur17

    Post Best Clear Cases?

    Saw an Amazon review that pointed out there is a cutout or indentation along the top edge of the screen opening for the speaker (that doesn't exist on the phone)
  5. jasbur17

    Post Who pre-ordered and what device you coming from? P5 anticipation thread!

    Preordered Black on announcement day. But these darn youtube videos of the Sage day after day finally made me switch my order.
  6. jasbur17

    Post VR Advice

    If you have a few extra bucks, the Oculus Go is very nice. Very similar experience to Samsung, but you don't have to worry about phones.
  7. jasbur17

    Post Headphones?

    I can't stand earphones that completely plug your ears. So... I use airpods with my android phone. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.
  8. jasbur17

    Post Bellroy Leather or Google Fabric case?

    I have both, and like both. I kinda like the fabric one better because it's different. Bellroy might be better protection as it has a slight front lip that is non-existent on the fabric.
  9. jasbur17

    Post show us your op6 homescreen

    Blurred my calendar...
  10. jasbur17

    Post Shipping Thread

    My order status still says processing, but you reminded me to look at my fedex app to see if anything is in there. I ordered 1 phone and no accessories. Fedex shows 3 packages/tracking numbers coming from "global courier express inc" 2 of them say delivery for 5/24 and one says 5/25. Very strange.
  11. jasbur17

    Post Shipping Thread

    No experience, but... https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/customers-can-now-sign-for-packages-remotely-with-myusps-com/244960
  12. jasbur17

    Post Is screen burn really an issue?

    I don't really notice burn-in but image retention. When I bring up the full-screen grey image i still see the navbar but it slowly goes away. Just to be safe for now, I downloaded navbar app from the play store. I changed my navbar to be white in mostly white apps like chrome or facebook. Makes...
  13. jasbur17

    Post BGR drops massive turd all over Pixel 2 XL due to Apple induced diarrhea.

    I quit their site years ago. I'd like to see what they said, but I won't give them the click.
  14. jasbur17

    Post Call Quality - Noise Reduction/Cancellation

    I'll have to pay attention to that to see. Most of my testing so far has just been leaving voicemails for myself
  15. jasbur17

    Thread Call Quality - Noise Reduction/Cancellation

    My voice sounds like crap on the other end. Garbled and cut up. I hear them just fine. I do not have the problem on speakerphone. If i block the top microphone, I sound better on the other end. I had this exact problem with the last LG device I had, the Nexus 5. There were several threads about...