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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0_r43] ► [mako] ► Nitrogen OS Oreo ► Substratum ► (07.August.2018)

    Yup; its been like that (not saying its a bug). But I was wondering if it can be removed by changing those values I pointed in my previous to previous post (so the lockscreen wont add any dark filter/tint). But it seems like quite a bit of work, so you dont have to do it. Not a big deal ;)
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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0_r43] ► [mako] ► Nitrogen OS Oreo ► Substratum ► (07.August.2018)

    Its not really a bug, but something that's in 8.1 by default. Here are some screenshots (not mine, but they describe the problem): Notice how the lockscreen wall has a dark tint/filter as compared to the actual photo? That. Or is this happening on just mine? :confused: I'll be able to post...
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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0_r43] ► [mako] ► Nitrogen OS Oreo ► Substratum ► (07.August.2018)

    Hey @nitin.chobhe Thanks for the ROM, all's working fine. (For people with battery problems or simply want to squeeze out battery juice, and ready to do whatever for it; get SINAI kernel, put on the Alucard governor, all cores enabled, lower down frequencies as much as they suit you, undervolt...
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    Post [ROM][KitKat 4.4] MIUI 7 From [Weekly]

    So.... Could you please give the lines? Really wanna know what's going on :fingers-crossed:
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    Post [ROM][KitKat 4.4] MIUI 7 From [Weekly]

    Thanks Yes I do know how to use apktool
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    Post [ROM][KitKat 4.4] MIUI 7 From [Weekly]

    Here is my navigation bar related code from dimens.xml in framework-res.apk: <dimen name="navigation_bar_height">38.0dip</dimen> <dimen name="navigation_bar_height_landscape">38.0dip</dimen> <dimen name="navigation_bar_width">36.0dip</dimen> But it still doesnt change the height of...
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    Post [ROM][KitKat 4.4] MIUI 7 From [Weekly]

    How to change navigation bar height? Changing navigation_bar_height in framework-res dimens.xml doesnt work.
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    Post [DEV][WIP][Flyme-OS][Port][Bootloop][NeedHelp]

    Can you please share a mirror? Was interested in testing out this rom myself but unable to download from baidu :p
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    Thread Use Clang instead of GCC for ROM Development?

    Hi Can anyone tell me a way to use clang instead of GCC for ROM devlopment? Particularly because I would prefer a colored output of the compile processes (and no, I tried coloredgcc but it doesnt work no matter what methods I try. So clang is my only hope, I think). I can try manually changing...
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    Thread Need Help in porting Halo to CM11 /// NullPointerException

    Hello I am working on trying to port halo to cm11 and facing issues. The Problem: Its actually giving me nullpointerexception (Heres complete log-> ) in (here's the complete code: in method "mUpdateHalo": protected...
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    Post [HELP/Q&A][SourceBuilding,AllDevices] The Source Building Q&A Help Thread

    Trying to port halo into cm11. Everything ok for now except this error-> frameworks/base/packages/SystemUI/src/com/android/systemui/statusbar/ cannot find symbol symbol : class Resources location: class Resources res...
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    Thanks a lot for reply. One more question- If I wanted to port halo to miui, I would first build a base rom (CM 11 in my case), then cherrypick halo into CM rom and resolve all dependencies, then use it as base for patchrom. Is that procedure right? I am kinda confused what if patching process...
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    Thread [Q] Omni Dynamic Statusbar commit?

    Hello Can anyone please help me port dynamic statusbar from omni? I am unable to find the dsb commit :/ I am not asking for a complete tutorial, just want to get started...
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    ZduneX25 can you please reconfirm me where to make changes (for fixing rejects)? Is it to the root directory of my phone (like ptchrom/phonename/android.policy.jar.out and make changes in files there) or temp/new_smali? Also, after I have made the changes, how do I proceed to apply patches to...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][4.0.3][i9300][OFFICIAL] BlissPop by Team Bliss [Stable]

    Lol, I just started watching it :p Anyway, yeah seriously hope someone can help. Really wanted to try this rom, thanks for trying to help though. EDIT: flashed rom by fastboot (i dont even know why i did that, probably since it was only thing left). And bam! It booted lol. How did fastboot...